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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tf bbq, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. tf bbq

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    Well, I am ready for my contest on the 11th. Best news I will get to be there as well. I thought I was going to miss it, again.

    I have done several practice runs getting ready for it. I did a practice run on Monday when I found I was I would be able to attend the contest. That run went really well. It was the best butt I have ever made. My other half said that was the best I had made. It separated with forks quite easily. I decided to have another practice run on Tuesday and bring it to work and have a food day. That one was better than the previous. My other half said that better than Monday’s. I dropped it and it split in half. The skin slid off in one piece.

    I got the best compliment you could get, people were asking for more after it was gone. My boss told me it was better than anything he could buy. That made me feel pretty darn good. I got lots of other good comments as well.

    So today I made another. After all, It would be un-American to not make a great BBQ on this day. I started at noon, central. I got a great surprise too. My neighbor had seen me on my practice runs. He was driving around and spied a downed apple tree. He picked up quite a bit for himself and some for me.

    I had never smoked with anything other than Hickory or Mesquite. Well today I smoked with hickory, mesquite and apple. I started at noon and finished around 9:30. My other half said this was the best one I had ever done. The kids readily backed up that statement. They were coming back for thirds and they normally don’t. To describe the tenderness, I will just say it was similar to mashed potatos.

    It would a good thing I wrapped it in tin foil, otherwise I would not have been able to take it off the rack. I picked it up by the bone and it came out. It separated with the tongs as I was trying to remove it from the foil. I did a little separation with forks. The skin separated into the meat. This time, everything was eaten but the bones. Well the dogs ate those.

    Thanks to those I have received advice from.
  2. waysideranch

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    Good luck Doug. Post your results. Power to ya. You can do it.
  3. merchguy

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    No Q-view? My mouth is watering and I have nothing to visualize. :(
  4. justsmoke2

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    Sounds like your nailing it now. I used to feed my dog the bones. She was always at my feet when smokeing cause she knew she gets the bone. Well in Feb I gave her a bone and she got sick really fast. Took her to the vet and bone shards had gotten stuck in her. $140 worth of shots later, if they didn't work then she would have to have emergency surgery. Thats anothe possible $1200 in the coffer. Fortunately they passed so now she whines when I hide the bones. I know its off your topic but just thought I would pass it on.
  5. tf bbq

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    Yeah I guess I need to start doing the Qview. I did not feel like posting them while I was getting my act together with the new smoker. I will try to describe it better.

    All I did was a basic butt. I got an 8 pounder out of Walley World. I don't do anything special to it besides smoke it really well.

    I take it out of the fridge and cut the plastic off and put it on the rack. No salt, peppar, rubs or injections. Just meat and smoke. No beans, corn, etc. Just pork and smoke. Well I did add some sauce and a bun later.

    I wrap the butt in foil with no plastic wrap around 150 and let it ride from there.

    I will do a Qview during the comp.
  6. lagogarda

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    [​IMG] intersting.
  7. richtee

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    Dude...bring the apple to the comp for the pork! A bit of hickory and alot of apple is the schnizzle!
  8. bustedluckbarbq

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    Like Rich said.... the hickory and apple is good stuff!!!

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