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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by tom4214, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. tom4214

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    I'am trying to learn how to control the heat and not let my wood go to ashes, so is it better let the wood go to coals before you put the meat ( Briskets primarly) in the smoker and is it better to use logs intead of chunks?

    My name is Tom and I'am new to BBQing
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    Welcome to the SMF family Tom[​IMG]

    Introduce yourself in roll call also & you get a nice welcome to the family from others also.

    Now to the question @ hand. A lot depends on the smoker you are using as to weather to use chips, chunks, pellets, or splits. If you can provide that info someone here uses that equipment & can give you the best info for that type of smoker.
  3. dutch

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    Welcome to SMF Tom. Some folks prefer to pre-burn their wood and then shovel the embers into the smoker- others prefer to use wood splits for the smoke and use charcoal (either lump or briquettes) for the heat. It's just a matter of personal preference and you skill level/comfort zone.

    As John mentioned, knowing what type of smoker you are using will help us help you.

  4. tom4214

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    My smoker is a Chargriller horizontal smoker with firebox.
  5. dutch

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    That helps Tom. I have a GOSM propane smoker that I retro fitted with the Chargriller side fire box.

    Here is a link to the Charcoal Smoker section of SMF. Read through the threads and you get some good ideas for modifications and tips for using your smoker. http://http://www.smokingmeatforums....splay.php?f=22
  6. johnd49455

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    I think I corrected the link in Dutch's post. It hat 1 to many http://'s in it.

    I have a Chargriller w/ Side firebox. It is very versatile I have used chips to small splits in it. I usually lite a chimney of regular charcoal briquettes the when adding more I add lump charcoal, when lump is lighting it doesn't stink so bad & put the charcoal flavor in the meat. For smoke, as I said chips to splits work, I like using cherry splits. It took me a while to learn what it wants & I am still learning. It is best to try to control temp with the amount of fuel. If you try to cut the air flow you can get creosote. Keep the chimney open all the time to keep the smoke flowing. I do notice that you do use a lot of fuel & the ash drawer will fill up so I turn the coal grate upside down. Check out some of the other mods on the link dutch posted . I bring to grill coal grate up a couple notches & put a water pan (aluminum dollar store special) right next to the firebox opening as a baffle. I use the top rack alot so I don't have the chimney extension.

    Another good investment is a digital meat thermometer or 2. I use one for the meat & one at grate level to know the grate temp. The top rack runs much hotter than the main grate area & you can not trust the stock thermometer that came with it Mine runs 150 while @ grate level I show 200 to 225.

    I don't want to write a whole book but I hope what I have to say helped some.

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