RATED - PG-13 The Polar Bear

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by rivet, May 3, 2009.

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    One day, a young polar bear cub waddled over to his mother and asked
    "Mom, am I a Polar Bear. I mean a real Polar Bear?"

    "Of Course" she replied. "You are completely a polar bear. You have white fur, you have big paws..." she looked off into the distance, then added "Of course you are a polar bear"

    The little bear waddled off into the distance to find his father patiently waiting by a fishing hole.

    "Dad, am I a Polar Bear?" he asked.

    "Of course you are a Polar Bear" replied the father somewhat gruffly. "Why wouldn't you be a Polar Bear?" He added.

    "Umm..because I'm freezing my ass off!" answered the cub.
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    lol....love it

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