Rainy Day Solution

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Jul 17, 2005
Newark, Vermont
Here's a pic of a thing I did last weekend while smoking during a rainy day. The pipe is a six inch one piece elbow. Ran my thermometer cable right up through it. The elbow fit right over the GOSM vent and I left it wide open with out any problem. I pointed the vent away from the wind source as you can see by the Thin Blue Smoke.
Just a spur of the moment thingy. And just in case anyone is wondering the elbow just sits there. It is not attached and can be just taken off. No mods needed! Behaves itself and just stands there.
Necessity is the mother of all invention, eh Monty? I think I'll drop by the hardware store this weekend as we're expecting rain on Sunday and I have a couple chix in the fridge that I planned on cooking when my kids visit this weekend. Thanks for the idea!

Happy you can use the idea! Just make sure you get the solid one. There are some 90's which are made up of several sections. They won't stand as well as thiis solid one does! Should cost under six bucks! Oh, and put the crimped side to the top.

Great mod Monty

I'm getting a piece like that for my Bandera.

And, um, I ran your plate, and you really should take care of those parking tickets
Trust me, dear friend, if I had a problem with that plate i would not have shown it! Otherwise I hope all is well with you!
The Elbow was sitting in a bunch of spare fittings I keep on hand and proved to be a true natural for solving my problem; that being a lot of rain going down the top vent!

And it really is not a true mod. It is an add on. Just set the sucker on top of the vent and leave it!

Hoping all is well with you!
Hey , Rodger, relax! Considering my last line of work I DARE anyone to turn up adverse info!
Great idea Sir Monty- This is my rain cap for my GOSM on rainy days.
Even though I have that nice covered patio-too much smoke causes the smoke detectors in the house to go off. :oops:

I posted a pictorial on the forun on how I made the rain cap a while back. I'll have to see if I can find it again.
No cop here CS.

Just a Chicagoan

Everyone knows some one, that knows some one.

And your 2 weeks late on your property taxes
yo y,all,
rain is the thing that ruins my smoking plans,,,,
that is the big drawback with my electric on patio......

glad you guys have it rain or shine.

by the way...
if big brother is watching....
i know the nosy peeper is hungry watching me.

HA HA HA cant touch this
I'm just a former cop-Military Police, Reserve Police Officer, Deputy Constable (County). Now I just a Site Security Supervisor for a large banking company.
Here's food for thought for all you folks nervous around police personnel; I am not sure how it works elsewhere but in Vermont our radio frequencies are monitored by the Vermont State Police. We can communicate directly with them from ALL of our vehicles. That means dump trucks, bucket loaders, graders and excavators! And of course the many pickups and sedans!

But here is a more important thought: That could also work FOR you! I have first hand knowledge of that!

We enjoy our thin blue smoke in relative peace and calm because we have the thin blue line between us and God knows what!

Cheers, Everyone!
I hear you Monty,

Didn't mean to disrespect the law enforcement types.

Anarchy ain't a pretty thing.

I spent lots of nights in Olangapo City in the Philippines during marshall law. Not a pretty thing
Understood and no disrespect taken. I served as a, well. not sure how to say it and stay out of trouble, well here goes! Before I went into computer related stuff I carried a badge and a gun for our government. Was tested to the ultimate and passed. And immediately sought other work. Enjoyed a wonderful career behind doors which held stuff I could never let see the light of day! Catch my drift? There are many ways to serve and sometimes I sorta wish I had taken a different path,

Got rid of that headache and now pull levers and direct traffic when needed! Love It!

Neat piece, Rodger! I'll bet you get a lot of demand for her in your area. Up here she would be fine for burying electrical and communication cable but water has to go a minimum of five and a half feet. More if possible!
Also, most of the Ditch Witch machines areound here are designed more like tillers. That's because there are so many rocks to get around a four wheeled Ditch Witch could not navigate! Thanks for that pic! First time I have seen a piece like that !

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