Rain, Rain and more Rain

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Master of the Pit
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Nov 22, 2006
Haltom City Tx
Looks like I will have to smoke in the rain again dang the luck. Started raining here about 2 hrs ago and looks like for the rest of the weekend. Anybody else out there having the same good luck as me.
I'm with ya msmith. Did the all night brisket smoke again last night and it started raining, (I mean POURING) at about 2am. And it hasnt stopped yet.
I finally had to bring my brisket in and finish it off in the oven.
Pulled it out of the oven at 6am, its been resting in the cooler for 3 hours.
I just cut it up and I'm eating it for breakfast. YUM.

Seperating the point from the flat.

Slicing it!!! Almost ready to eat.
Man that is one very fine looking brisket and very good looking smoke ring. Send me a couple of sandwiches I have the cold beer to wash it down with. I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning and fire up my smoker raining or not.
Thanks for the pics.
I think I might actually have a dry Saturday. A little grey out but no rain, there talking sgowers but no winds this time so that's nothing.

I'm gonna do sausage today - just not sure what kind yet. Something with beef and pork.
send me some of that rain PLEASE. the creek is dry,the lake is down 5 ft., and the flies are horrible. but i'm doing beef ribs & a double sized fattie today. i'll see yer beer & raise ya a bottle of bacardi gold & glen garioch scotch. hehe great lookin' brisket btw.
Thank you. Me & mama and the little one were supposed to go out to lake Grapevine this mornin to do some fishin and eatin, but this rain isnt being very cooperative. I'm hoping its gonna clear up enough to go soon.
We've got the rainy day blues over here in Longview Tx. today also.
It's rained every day for 8 straight days here. My last smoke, I put my R2D2 ECB in the garage and did a couple of fatties and 4 pork chops. I need sunshine !!
Harold I grew up not far from you in Henderson. Most of my family still live there. I sure miss living out in the country from time to time.
we are getting plenty of rain in waco too. i am sick of rain. that is one nice looking brisket you got there. man, i wish i had another brisket to do this weekend. the one i did for us last weekend was gone by tues lunch. i plan on doing pulled pork this weekend.
No rain today but we had some weird thuder storms for about an hour with hail the size of quarters! Then it jumped up to 80 degrees and shiny.

Weird weather lately.
Beautiful sunny day but the clouds rolled it quick around 5PM and then the rain. Stopped just in time for me to fire up the smoker, although it's supposed to be wet again tomorrow night.

Awesome look brisket!
I live in Poulsbo WA and it is raining here also. Living here in Washington we get quite a bit of rain so I have my smoker under a covered patio. That way I can BBQ all year long. It would really suck without it.

Pouring down here in Houston too. 4th day in a row. Looks like spaghetti tonight. Theres been way too much big lightning and thunder to be Qin in the rain around here. Stay dry !
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