RadioShack Wireless Thermos.....

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Aug 28, 2006
Powder Springs, GA
I have a RadioShack meat thermometer.... It's got a wireless unit that is nice, but I don't even REMOTELY trust it now. I have been using it and going by it for some time, but when I was cooking a shoulder on Sat night, it was reading 199 (Doesn't look like it can go over that... it's more for quick grilling than anything) and I used my Taylor pen thermometer:
and it only read 170. WOW. That's a difference. So, I let it go for another hour, wrapped it in foil and then another hour later, it came up to 200. Well, I'm about ready to trash that damn thermo that I was given as a gift.

Any thoughts on recalibrating the RadioS(#*$? Or just trash and get another with a remote base?

Recommends on those?
Yeah. I kind of figured. I will get another thermo here soon. I want one with a remote pager though...

The Taylor with the pager looks nice. Is there one that not only measures the meat but also the ambient temperature of the smoker/grill?
That would be the best.

Hey, you want everything right?
Shoot, I sound like my wife!
The Maverick ET-73 is a remote thermometer and you can monitor smoker and meat temps. at the same time. It also has a timer that counts up and down and hi and low temp alarms for meat and chamber temps.
I just dug out out my old gray Radio Shack Wireless BBQ Thermometer # 63-1140 and I am also seeing the 199-degree warning on the display immediately after installing a new set of batteries and resetting/unplugging everything. I think when this happens, the probe had gone bad because it goes away when I unplug the probe. Doubt it is worth tracking down a replacement probe that is compatible, so am in the market for a new solid but basic Wireless thermometer. So much has changed since this thing came out in 2002.
I've got a few pre-2000 digital thermometers that are still working. Over the years they stopped working at times because of moisture getting inside the probe, but a few hours in a hot oven (less the plug) has always fixed them. Worth a shot anyway. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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