Race Day Brisket

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db bbq

Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 9, 2007
North Street,Michigan
Mornin all:
Fired up the Masterbuilt @ 7:30 on a beautiful sunny 65* morning..Smoking with mix of mesquite & cherry and using my brisket rub..Will be spraying with a mixture of worcestershire,water and (Kentuckys Best) Jim Beam....Should be off smoker around 5:30pm..Look for updates..Go 24 Go,Starting in the back today..
Race picture is from our seats last week @ Michigan speedway..

Debi.. Thanks for the resize info, Worked GREAT!!!!


Brisket has been in 4 hours now getting sprayed every 30 min. Holding a 250/265* grate temp..Will be wrapping in about 2 hours. Next pictures should be Dinner served...
Looks absolutely awesome cuz
Glad to see ya got the pic thing figured out! Wish i could be there today but i'll be looking for updates and using the smell-o-vision so keep up the good work!

BTW, is that Gordon comong to the pits to change his diaper at Michigan
Looks great DB BBQ!

Now Bubba, we all know that Jeffy-Poop has a manlyhood problem... and supposedly gonna be a Daddy hisself. Wonder how that happened...
only thing missing is the cake.looks like some good eats there the wife likes to do cakes for family doings she is doing a 24 cake for my step dad next weekend for his B.day here is one she did for a neighbor I am proud of her she hand draws all the stuff on it with the iceing but can't draw stick people with a pencil. all is covered with her homemade buttercream frosting that she colors here is a pic of the nascar she done for the neighbor
Man that looks good! Can you imagine how bad it would be if you COULD smell it too? The pictures are hard enough to look at sometimes without going bonkers!

Welcome Beer!

BTW .... you got that wrong it's ...

Well All
Wrapped @ 6 hours, Pulled off @ 9 hours and allowed to rest in foil for about an hour. Really moist & tender with nice smokering..Sorry, I couldn't get the picture file small enough to submit for some reason..But there is enough left over for brisket sandwiches tomorrow..YUM YUM...Thanks for all the replies!!
By the way to all the Gordon haters another Great points day from starting in the back at a road course, 7th place finish..No whining today boys.....

Cowboy, Cake looks great...
Sounds like your having a great time DB. Bristket sammies rock!!!

About Michigan Speedway.....'We'll Sell You The Seat...But Your Only Need The Edge"....best advertisment I can remember that's true in a long while. Hope your having a ball!!!!
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