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  1. Really new to the whole smoking thing and am going to try to make pastrami any info on this would be great.

    also was wondering how much outside air temps will affect the smoking process. Thanks, Zach
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    Hey there Zach, welcome to the forums. There is plenty of info on here for pastrami, just do a search for it. In fact, I have two venison quarters curing right now for a smoke on Tuesday. As far as air temp, yes it can quite the effect, the colder, the harder the smoker will have to work, unless you have an insulated one, but you can make a wind block for one if you need to.

    Stop on over at the roll call section and give all of us a introduction. A little bit about yourself, what kind of smoker you have, smoking exp if any, where you live, stuff like that. [​IMG]

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