Quick Smoked Tri Tip

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smoking in ft. collins

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Sep 7, 2006
Fort Collins, CO
OK, maybe this is not a "true" smoke, but here is what I do and it is absolutely fabulous...

Take a 2lb Tri-Tip and rub it with your fav rub. For this, I just use Lawry's Season Salt & Pepper.

Start a stack of coals. When the coals are good and hot, put the Tri-Tip off the side (not over the coals) and put some (6 good sized) hickory chunks on the coals. The smoke envelopes the tri-tip and the heat (350-400) cooks the meat. After about 15 minutes, you flip for another 15 minutes. Pull in about 30 minutes.

The meat is tender, juicy and has a great flavor! There is a visible smoke ring on it so you know it is getting in there.

The reason that I say it is not a "true" smoke is because it takes 30 minutes, not 8 hours! Great for after work!


Thanks for the info Ft. Collins. I plan on getting my first tri-tip tomorrow. couldn't today, too busy and sick kid.(or she faked it pretty good.............gets it from her mom...............if you know what I mean)

I can't wait to try them out, gonna get a bunch as they are as rare as rain around here.
Big Al, note that I have a gas BBQ and this technique does not work on it (even with the wood chips) because there is no flow of the smoke.

I put the fire in the main chamber and put tri tip between the chamber and the smoke stack. That way the smoke has to "flow" over the meat.

Good luck!

Sounds great one more thing to do that will add another layer of flavor is to at the start of the cook go ahead and start the tri tip over the hot coals and put a sear on it. Then move to the indirect postion and continue the cook as you described.
The sear will give that sweet flavor you get on steaks and with you technique the tender smoke you are looking for.
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