Quick questions re: first butt smoke

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smoke 'em bama

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Jun 18, 2007
7.5* butt in right now. Should I pull at 170 and wrap til 200, or not? Should I wrap and place in cooler after reaching 200, or not? If so, how long?

Also, this may be a dumb one, but I'm a rookie: Any tips on the actual pulling process? Techniques?
do you want to slice or pull? to slice 170 if pull wrap and take to 195 or 200.. put in a cooler if done early or you don't need to pull it right away, it will almost fall apart on it's own, for pulling i either rip it apart by hand or use 2 large forks
I foil it at 165, then take it to 195. When I take it out of the smoker, I wrap the already foiled butt in a heavy clean towel, then place it in an empty cooler for an hour or two. The time spent in the cooler allowed it to reabsorb all the delicious juices. Pulling it at that point is simple, take two large forks and go to it. Fall rights apart. They make items for pulling like "bear paws" http://kentuckyrebelbbq.homestead.com/page1.html but they really aren't necessary.

Have fun and don't forget to post your pictures.
wrap it at 170°, take to 200°. let it rest for an hour or two. i let mine rest on top of the stove. i wear nitrile gloves, and place the butt on a cutting board. i have my container the meat will go in on the opposite side of the board, in front of me. like so:

-------- container
-------- cutting board
-------- me

then i pull it (pulls easy, falling apart on its own). i strip all the meat from the fat. i throw most of the fat away, feed a little of it to my fish. (i have a 135-gallon aquarium, with predator fish in it. they eat feeder fish, and protien fish food, with a treat of smoked fat, and a bit of meat here and there.)
Alright, I've hit the 12 hour mark, and stuck at 172*. Somebody hug me and tell me it'll be okay, and 200* is in my sights. I'm READY!
Go Bamb Go
Have you foiled yet? If not, do so, it will pull thru the stall faster..............man i'm getting hungry now
just did a 9#er in 12 hours it stalled for about three hours then took off when i ran out of lump and had to go buy briquettes it raised the chamber temp to about 275- 280 and the butt came right out of the stall..BRB gotta grab another sammie
Thanks for the advice, all. First butt turned out very nice. Only thing was it was a tad bit dry after the pull. Is there any finishing sauce that I should consider after pulling?

Thanks again!
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