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Discussion in 'Beef' started by tender loins, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. I did one last year & forgot... do I take it to a certain temp like 135 or ???? Then remove it & foil & rest for xx minutes?

    Mine is a boneless ribeye roast, about 5.5lbs. I'm trying Steven Raichlin's BBQ-University wood blend for beef, of hickory, oak & mesquite, plus just added a little cherry. I inserted a bunch of heirloom garlic slivers and marinated overnight in a new Lowery's steakhouse marinade and soy sauce. It is up to about 115 internally right now... I usually eat medium rare to medium on this type, plus want to be able to nuke it the next few days as leftyovers without getting gray.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    135 is when I pull mine. It will be on the rare side. 145 will give you more on med rare.

    As I usually plan on devouring this when it is ready,, I only tent mine on a platter with foil. I wait about 30 mins while everything else is being finished and put on the table.

    I absolutely love doing them and it sounds like you are right on target.

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    make a gravy with the juices,, add a bit of worcestershire and horse radish for it as well.

    sorry for not including in the previous post.

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    I pull mine at 130* and rest it for about 30 mins. foiled.
    This is the way I like mine:

    If you pull yours at 135* and rest it for 30 mins. foiled it should be about where you want it, if not a minute in the microwave will fix it. Ya don't wanna over cook it, ya can't fix that. [​IMG]
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    I'm with one shot and tntx I personally pill mine around 135 but we like ours on the rare side you such take yours to about 149-145 for medium. Also follow tenn tex ajun with the au jue throw some horsey sauce and onions with the worshire sauce and you'll be the "man" [​IMG]Ok now lets talk about the lack of the Qview (pictures) thingey. Come on dude your go alot farther here with the Q so just rmember we are all kids here and yopu have the candy. More Q more Qjust keep repeating that.
  6. Thanks everybody!

    A HUGE thunderstorm passed thru and didn't hear the alarm go off, I had it set to 135 and it hit 138.

    I already ate the bark ends plus a center piece but will post some plated Q!

    I used a B&D electric knife and cut nice & easy.

    A pic from the other end:

    This is the first time I knowingly used this brand or Australian beef for that matter! I could probably care less that it was free range, as long as it tasted good, and it DID!

    Has anyone else used free range or Ausie beef? I found a place in town that had these ribeye boneless roasts for $3.99/lb. They also had flank steaks & skirt steaks for $2.99/lb and whole beef tenderloins for $3.99/lb!! I stocked up on all 3 and will go back & get more roasts! I think the other cutsa were USA beef, the tenderloins they had both USA & AUS.

    These had special directions included, that they were leaner & required less cooking time too. They were a little redder/more rare than the pics appear. I was too hungry to make a sauce and just dug in!!! Took about 3 hours at 225...
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    Looks great...

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