Question regarding the MES 30" temp sensor

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by chainsaw, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. chainsaw

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    Was reading another post regarding cleaning the MES inside so I wanted to clean the temperature sensor. I thought it was this round deal on the left hand side back wall (the only clean thing in there). However I just read about a "shiny 3/16 bar" on the right hand side back wall 2/3 of the way up being the sensor. Confused again. There is (of course) nothing shiny anymore in there but I see no bar, just this round thing. There is a little tiny thing up in the left hand corner too. Got this smoker last June. Any input would be welcome on this. It still seems to work ok.

  2. illini

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    The cleaned off sensor in your photo is the high limit sensor.

    The uncleaned sensor in your photo at the upper left corner is the temp sensor.

    your confusion comes from the fact that the newer models have the temp sensor just under the second rack on the right side.

    the new location lowers the temp swings in my opinion because it reacts faster in the new location.

    I have  two 40" models and one had the old location.     I moved it to where the newer model location was.    It works ok there but you need to play with comparing rack temps and indicated temps some.
  3. chainsaw

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    Thanks Marvin!

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