Question on the 3-2-1 from pork baby back ribs

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Original poster
Nov 24, 2011
On the "2" part, you are supposed to wrap you ribs in foil, has anyone put them in a foil pan covered with foil?

Would that work?

This may be a dumb question, but this is my first go at ribs.

Thanks !
You're correct, in that for the 2 part, you should wrap your meat in foil.

So, it's:

3 hours unwrapped.

2 hours wrapped.

1 hour unwrapped.

Of course this is theory and you don't have to follow this exactly.

I can't answer the 2nd part to your question but I'm sure someone will chime in.

Happy smoking!
I have done the pans several times and they work well 

I think JarJar does them that way at work
I like a 2-1-1 method if their small baby backs....... I want a little tug
Yes, the foil pan will work fine for the second step of the "2-2-1 method" but, if your BB ribs are meatier the 5 total hours may not be enough for them to get done. Don't go by time alone.
Either way (foil or foil pan) worked great.

Thanks folks
Glad to hear things worked out good for you, but around here 
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