Question on Ribs

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Jul 6, 2006
Hi Guys,

I'm supposed to do some ribs up tomorrow for some friends that are coming over... nobody can ever just visit, I always have to feed people and let them drink my beer :P

I grabbed a couple of recipes for rubs and sauces, but am wondering what the application process is. When I did my pork butt I rubbed it down, wrapped it with saran wrap, then let it sit overnight in the fridge.

Do you do the same thing for ribs, or do you just rib them down and throw them on? I'm thinking they probably don't need to be left to sit as long since the meat's not nearly as dense as a pork butt, but I'm clueless. Should they be wrapped to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours maybe?

Also, when I grill I tend to stick to baby backs since they're leaner and we like them better. I'm thinking that side ribs on the smoker would probably be a good choice since they're cooked a lot longer and the fat in whatever meats I've done so far seems to break down really well.

Would I be smart to grab a couple racks of both, or is one normally preferred over the other?

Thanks again for the help!

It doesn't matter which ribs you choose, whether backs or spares, just be certain that you remove the membrane from the inner (curved) side.

I prefer to prep my ribs the day before and rub them with my favorite rub though I don't wrap the individual racks. Rather I place them in a large Aluminum warmer tin and cover with foil. Remove from fridge about a half hour before going into the smoker to allow them to come close to room temp and dust with a second coat of rub. Check out the threads on 3-2-1 for spares, if using back ribs, modify times to more like 2-1.5-1. When the meat begins to pull back from the bone and they wiggle loosely, they're done.

Good luck and enjoy. Don't forget to have plenty of cold beer on hand! :P

Thanks for the help Brian.

I think I'll stick to the spare ribs for tomorrow, and see how that goes.
Spares cost less, so I generally go with those. Also, people will eat a LOT more babyback ribs than spares.

I need to get an invite to your house, since you will feed me and give me beer. Brian gave you good advice, don't forget to take pics if you can. Keep us in the know of how things go.
Yeah, I like the spares too. Not only are they a little less expensive, but the skirt trimmings make a fabulous addition to the baked beans smokin on the bottom rack!

Side note to Gary:

If yer ever this far east, your welcome to drop on in any ol' time and there'll be plenty of ice cold beer on tap! Yessiree! I picked my own draft beer system that holds a full size keg of perfectly chilled coors lite at all times! Hell, just thinkin about her makes me a little giddy! Just imagine when football season gets here! :P :twisted:

Hey Brian,

I've been imagining football season getting here since the last one was over. We ought to have some good discussions in here with all the different areas being represented 8) .

Go Saints and Raiders :!:
Well Guys, being from Cleveland makes the Browns my home team... Soooo, I guess y'all will understand why I've been following more Big Ten College these past few years... Go Buckeyes!

C'mon Brian, Didn't you notice that I said go Saints and Raiders. :oops:

It ain't easy to get worse than my teams, but with enough liquid rooting juice, I can still get excited. 8)
Good point, Caj. I'm right there with ya brother...

liquid rooting juice...I like that...

Enjoyed football until USC vs Texas. Was home today and found myself watching practice between the redskins and ravens. . . . . and I was enjoying it. The drills, the catches, the hits. The commercials were much better. I am going to love this football season. And I don't have a favorite team anymore. Finally got used to the Rams leaving. Never cared for the Raiders too much.

Sorry to hijack your thread Tys, the sports talk just took over for a second, but Ribs, Beer and FOOTBALL. A good weekend in the making.
Brian, when you say modify time for baby backs to 2-1.5-1, I don't quite understand :oops: , can you expand on that piece of advice? BB's are on the menu for next week.
JMack, babybacks being smaller don't need to go through the full 3-2-1 method. 2-1.5.-1= Two hours on the grates in smoke, 1.5 hours wrapped in foil with some of your mop poured in and another hour unwrapped to let them firm up. Sometimes I don't leave them in for the full final hour and will pull them after 30 minutes or so.
No problem, I got what I came for! :)

Ribs are rubbed down and the in the fridge waiting to meet Mr. Smoker early afternoon.

Sadly I had to turn down four tickets for tonights pre-season Lions game :(

Hopefully the ribs turn out, and the beer stays cold all day so I can make up for it!
Oh, I meant to add.

I picked up two packages of country sausages tonight and rolled them up into a fatty.

Hopefully it goes better than the last couple of times!
Sounds like Ribs for everyone :D Mine are sittin' in the rub and chillin' in the fridge! They're goin' on Sat.afternoon 8)


Go Buckey Badger
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