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tommy c

Meat Mopper
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Jun 23, 2006
Hey guys,
I hav'nt seen anything on duck. Anybody ever done it? If so....could you tell your successes or failures?
Hey Tommy,

Tame duck or wild?

Had an old dude in my home town that made his living smoking Mallard ducks stuffed with wild rice.

Couldn't smoke them and sell them so he custom smoked them for the duck hunters. You bring the duck and for X numbers of dollars he would smoke it for you. Ate a couple of them at Deer Camp years ago and they were excellent.
Hey Rodger....I'm not a duck hunter, I have a farm up the the road that sells duck. Also, my butcher has some big juicey birds in his fridge. I hear wild duck is a little dry as compared to domestic. Is this true? I guess I'll keep an eye out for more info. on the subject 8)
Yea Tommy, wild ducks can dry out real quick. That's what I found so unusual about Mr Sim's consistently being able to smoke those wild ducks. Now that I've been reading up on this board about brining I think the old light bulb is starting to flicker over my head.

As far as tame ducks go, I can't help you on that. However, keep me posted. As I've said before, I am always looking for something new to smoke. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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