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Question for MES Users!!


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I have a mes smoker and I was wondering how you guys clean the inside of them out.  I have done right around 10 or 12 smokes in it and there is black Burnt grease and such on the inside of it.  I was wondering what anyone else uses or any tips on cleaning it.  Thanks a lot guys


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Do you cover the drip pans with foil, prior to smoking?

I've used oven cleaner, but do not like the chemical smell it leaves behind.  I ended up getting some "Super Degreaser" made by Rubbermaid and sold at Menards.  This cleaned the grease and smoke very well and the smell was not bad at all.  I've tried Simple Green and it does not come close to this stuff.. I fire up my smoker to 275* before my next smoke to clean any residue off the inside. 

I soak the racks in the laundry tub and then run thru the dishwasher.

Also, use rubber gloves because the stuff is NASTY!  Place cardboard and newspaper under your smoker because this stuff runs out of your smoker and off your door, andstains everything it touches!

I ordered a Steam Cleaner and we'll see how that does.

Good Luck!


Sprayed on 1/2 of the glass and wiped off with paper towel.

Rubbermaid Super Degreaser from Menards for $8/Gallon on sale  mix 25% cleaner to water
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I have the pans foiled and only clean the window and racks...


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I can't speak about cleaning the window model, as mine is older without the window.  Most of the SMF MES owners have learned that the residue left behind on the inside cabinet is now a well seasoned unit, so we leave it.  If anything gets over greasy or starts caking up thick, then wipe it down with hot moist cloth, I don't use soap, I'm only trying to get the heavy stuff off.  Generally I wipe out the bottom and the corners, plus around the drain hole.  I also wipe the door sill on both the door and the cabinet, and keep the  rubber gasket clean.  I have used soap in the bottom if the grease was heavy, and rinse thoroughly.  For the racks, I wash them in the sink with hot water dish soap and if anything is stuck on I use a brillo pad, then put them in the dishwasher.  We have a new dishwasher that really does a great job.  I have rib racks, which after my son's wedding rehearsal dinner Q I left sitting outside for two weeks untouched, they had some heavy caked on stuff.  As a test on the new dishwasher, I just threw them in without pre-scrubbing, man was I surprised the racks came out clean.  So now I'm going to try the main racks without pre-scrub and see how clean they come out.


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I clean the racks, cover the tray and pan in foil.  Also for something big and just looks bad, I will wipe it down while the smoker is semi hot, 120-140 degrees, fat still moves at that point.  I just use a damp cloth and fast hands.  Other than that I look at it as a work in  progress, its like an old pizza oven or cast iron skillet.  Seasoning makes all the difference in the end product.  Do not clean it to the point you kill the unit.  Do clean it if for some reason you end up with a growth or health related issue.


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i clean the racks after every use . line the water pan w/ foil so no cleaning needed.

 The inside i don't worry about. if you want to clean the window ( ihave gotten tired of doing it so i quit) scrape it w/ a razor scraper then clean w/ a degreaser.


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I don't have a glass door, but I clean the exhaust vent now & then, so no nasty stuff drips down on any meat. I clean the floor if anything starts to build up on that. I keep my bottom drip pan & water pan covered with foil.

The Dishwasher cleans my racks & anything else I remove from the smoker. My dishwasher is in pretty good shape and does a real good job for being almost 63 years old! 


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