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  1. natdiamond

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    I get the magical "Thin Blue Smoke", but only for a little while. I've always heard that when the wood stops smoking, it's glowing embers are still flavoring the food. I notice when I put a stick or two on, or even chunks, it smokes heavy for a few minutes, then "thin blue" for another 10-15 minutes (MAYBEE), then all I see coming out of the chimney is the heat vapors. Yet the wood in the fire chamber is far from ashed. My barbeques have always turned out good before using electric and waiting until the wood was ashed before adding more. But now I've been using a wood smoker and was wondering if I should keep adding new sticks to keep the blue up.
  2. crewdawg52

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    The meat is still being flavored by the coals from the wood even after you dont see any smoke. But I guarrantee you there still is a tiny, whisp of smoke being exhausted from the smoker. You will always have some smoke from wood that is burning. Try sticking your hand over the exhaust vent for a few seconds, then smell your hand.
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    If you smell smoke, yer smokin'!
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    visible smoke is produced during the burning process and it is actually because the wood is being brought up to fire box temps per say the heavy smoke then dwindling to a thin blue than almost invisible but it is still flavoring the product
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    There are some hands that you better not smell[​IMG]
  6. natdiamond

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    Thanks for the replies!

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