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Discussion in 'Beef' started by low&slow, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. low&slow

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    I asked this yesterday but got nadda. I want to try the smoky okie searing method tonight. Anybody else try this method yet? I was wondering about the bark. Does it produce a good bark even though it is face down in a pan for so long? Does searing it create a crust and does that crust get soggy if its in a pan fat cap up? I want to try this method but Im afraid to put it face down in a pan for that long.
  2. richtee

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    I used it. best damn brisket I ever had. Good bark.. Hmm what pan? I just put it on a rack to smoke it.

  3. navionjim

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    Do It! Ive done three briskets by Okies method now and it's the best I've ever made. This is not your Daddies brisket, it will be different as will the bark. Don't worry you will never do another any oter way.
  4. low&slow

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    Thanks Richtee, On smokys page it says:
    1. Once seared, place brisket in foil pan, fat side up, and smoke, uncovered for 2 hours.
    2. Flip brisket and smoke for 1 hour. At this point, the juices inside are under a fair amount of pressure. It is important not to pierce the meat from this point until it is done.
    3. Flip brisket back to fat side up, and cover with foil.
    4. Continue to smoke until internal temperature of 200* is obtained.
    Im a little hesitant to leave it in a pan face down that long. I think Ill try it without a pan like you did.
  5. I'm doing Okee method right now! I seared until the dang thing was on fire-literally. Got the battle scars to prove it, as my hand was a bit too close when I tried flipping it. But well worth it as I'm about 4 hours into right now.

    And yes, it's in a pan. I had the same questions you did but read enough feedback that I just had to close my eyes and jump.

    It's an 11lb'r and it's showing 162 degrees. I'm guessing I'll pull it off around 5p. I'll take pictures if it works.

    But my question is with the last step (#4 in your post). I'm hesitant to smoke all the way through the process as 1. It's covered with aluminum foil so I'm guessing no smoke gets into the pan and 2. I usually stop adding wood after the meat hits 145 on ribs/birds, but didn't know about beef. Should I smoke straight through?
  6. low&slow

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    Your post got me to thinking. Doing this method, isnt the brisket only exposed to smoke for 3 hours?
    Im thinking Im gonna finish it in the oven after I get to stage 4. Dont wanna waste my wood.
  7. pigcicles

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    Okay guys.. here's the scoop. Okie burns wood in his smoker, not charcoal, so he is smoking the whole time no matter what.

    Once you have covered the pan you definitely won't be adding any more smoke flavor to the meat so you can stop adding wood at that point.

    Cook the meat closer to 190º and it has a nice jiggle. If it is still very firm take it another 5º or so. Okie prefers the jiggle method, but usually comes out around 190º

    If you are concerned about the bark not being soggy then open the pan about the last 5º or so and check it. If it is soft then leave it open to firm it back up.

    Any more questions please ask. I'm not the resident professional but have done it and seen him do it. So I'll try to get you an answer.

    Keep Smokin
  8. Great points, Mr. Pig. I also like the idea of pulling it off early. Regarding the right amount of "jiggle", I guess I'll just jump up and down and compare my own belly jiggle to brisket jiggle? Or should I get my neighbor who's belly hangs over 4" as opposed my measly 2"?
  9. pigcicles

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    It was put to me more on the order of when you were 18 and so was your girlfriend. Her 'jiggle'. [​IMG][​IMG]
  10. Ohhhhh...then it must be ready now! LOL. That's a priceless reply, Pig. Oh, and didn't mean to call you Mr. Pig if you're not a mister. Don't want anyone calling me sexist.
  11. pigcicles

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    LOL Mr. is okay I suppose... always thought Mr was my dad... maybe I'm old enough now... bummer!
  12. Well, it came off at 195 degrees and I kept it wrapped in a towel in a cooler for about 2 hours. The Okie method said to sear till it's black and I did that, but I think it was too black. I also used some of Jeff's rub on it and I think the sugar in the recipe didn't do well burned. The bitterness of the burned exterior had to be cut away in order to enjoy the meat. But what meat it was! Delicious. And the au jus was unusable b/c of it. So, for next time, I'll do the sear but won't make it so burned. And i'll try a different rub without sugar.

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