Question about freezing Baby Backs

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Jul 16, 2006
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I don't know if this has been discussed before and I missed it but here goes.

I bought some babies today at Sams. I want to open the cryopac and remove the membrane from all three racks. The next step would be to put each rack in it's own foodsaver bag and seal. My question is would it be an advantage to put my spice rub on the ribs before I seal and freeze them? Would this have any harmful effects on the ribs? Would this improve the ribs?

I am asking because the last few times I pulled ribs out of the freezer in foodsaver bags, I opened the bag, removed and rubbed the ribs and put the ribs back in the bag for overnight storage (like wrapping in plastic wrap). I was thinking it would save me a step by rubbing before freezing.

Any thoughts??? Thanks in advance.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Since seasonings only penetrate thawed meat the time in the freezer of your vac sealed frozen meat is moot. Your seasonings will make a difference until the meat freezes and once it has thawed will again have influence.

How long the thawed meat, either before or after freezing, is allowed to stand thawed in the vac sealed bag will make a difference in total seasoning absorption.

As for timetables....dunno if anyone ever took the time to figger it out!

That's my take!


You are correct in that while frozen, the seasonings will have no effect. I asked because I figured that they would thaw in the fridge over a 2 day period. You don't think that would be too much time with the spices "working"?

Take care, have fun, and do good!


In my opinion and this is my personal them and freeze them as is! IF that cryopac is labeled "minimally processed" I would just pop those babies right into the freezer and thaw as needed.

Our "Low and Slow" method of cooking allows for more than adequate penetration of flavorings and spices.

Meowy -

I've never done it with a dry rub but it works great with liquid marinates. It would at least be there absorbing while it was freezing and thawing. Take them out a night or two before you smoke and it'll still absorb once it's thawed.
I think put the rub on, seal and freeze. Then when you thaw it is there and it's just like rubbing and wrapping them and letting them sit a day or so before smoking. Rubs only penetrate so far, no matter what you do.
That's 23 cents worth.
I say if in doubt, rub 1 slab and seal it. Seal the other 2 plain, and freeze all. When you are ready, cook them and compare, and then let the rest of us know the results.
I don't think it would hurt them at all ,and would be convenient and time saving as well be safe do as shortone suggested ...can't hurt to try it !
I would freeze as is unless you won't smoke all 3 at the same smoke ( a rack of ribs don't last long around here, we open the pack and smoke them all)
As far as seasoning ribs, I dry rub them right before they go into the smoker.
Always have plenty of flavor
Mrs. Meowey and I are suffering(?) from partial empty nest syndrome. (One kid moved out and one in college) I only do 1 slab for the two of us. Re-packing the slabs in 3 separate bags allows me the flexibility to do as few or many ribs as needed. Discussing this here with you has helped me to clafiry my thinking. I am leaning to rubbing, bagging and freezing separately.

Thanks to all who replied.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Bud and I are in the same position unless were cooking for freinds.

When I purchase ribs they are also in a three slab cryopac.Will be awaiting your thoughts and opionons on how this works out for you.
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