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Discussion in 'Pork' started by loanshark, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. I have 3 racks of baby backs to smoke on an ECB using the 2-2-1 methond. I will be using the lower and upper racks. How often should I rotate between the racks and will this affect my cooking time? I am new to smoking and this will be the first time using both racks. Thanks for any input.
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    Generally the ECB runs a bit different temp between the upper and lower racks, but not enough to cause you a problem. You will be in and out doing the 2-2-1 thing, wrapping in foil, unwrapping to finish, etc. If you want to swap levels do it then.
    Every time you lift the lid on your ECB you lengthen cooking time. You loose the heat and it has to come back to temp. I have heard some say you lengthen cooking time an hour each time you lift it, I can't say that has been my experience, but it takes a bit to come back. Plan ahead and work as fast as you can. You will do fine.
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    It's kind of a PITA but I like to rotate my ribs from upper to lower ad vice versa about an hour in. The lower rack seems to cook a little faster on my ECB. Nothing major but it keep them about the same cooking time that way.
  4. They came out great. Rotated during step2, then again for step 3, which was about 45 minutes.
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    Way to go Loanshark! No Pix huh? [​IMG]

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