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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by osage, Jan 21, 2008.

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    While smoking my summer sausage this weekend, seemed like it took forever to get the last 6 degrees in the sausage. I hit 149 and pretty much stayed there for over an hour. I finally took some card board and covered the 4" vent pipe completely. It has built-in damper but there's still a pretty good gap around it. I bought the pipe/damper from Allied-Kenco. The internal temp then started to rise again and I finally got it to 156. The sausage hangs directly under the vent. Could a cold air draft be coming down thus creating a cold spot in the center? Maybe I need a baffle under the vent? It was in the single digits when I started and temps never got over 20 so that could be part of the problem but the insde temp of the smoker was 180-190.
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    Don't know much about the sausage making process, so can't help you there.
    I do know however you should never close the damper vent all the way. This is what creates creosote.
    Sure someone that know about the SS making will be along.
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    I run into the same thing. Covering the exhaust is the only way I can get it to finish, without turning the house temp up too high. I don't think we have to worry about the creosote issue, since by that time in the process, all the smoke is done and gone. It's just basic cooking at the end.

    I did some a few weeks ago, too. I cut into one last week, it turned out very good. Maybe next time I'll use less fat. I need to find a different summer sausage seasoning kit. I got the Mandeville one, and it just ain't quite right.
    I wish I could get some of the Witt's seasoning I used to use, when I worked in the grocery store. That was some good stuff !!!
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    After it has gotten a few hours of smoke I switch to the oven so I can throw another batch of sausage in the smoker.
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    I've run into the same problem, particularly when its cold outside. It seems to plateau like you've found. I've handled it the same way, shut down the draft and damper,and put the heat to it. You have to watch it close here though, cause once it goes, it seems to move fast, and the fat will break down and start to run if you don't catch it soon enough. This is where a digital probe with alarm comes in real handy. One with a remote would be even better.
    Bombo, I've found Witt's seasonings at, and I've got a great local natural foods grocery with full service butcher shop that carries some Witt's. They used to make their own mixes which were great. Mostly they carry Legg's now which are okay, but I usually have to doctor them up some to get what I'm after.

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