Pulled Pork today!!

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Apr 17, 2006
Garden City, MO
I got a couple pork butts in and the GOSM crankin out them magic little blue puffs. It's 4 1/2 hours in and at 144 internal. I thought I had my cord to get my pics on the puter, but the boss picked up the wrong one at the storage shed. Just sat down to sliced fatty and eggs for breakfast and I'm gonna keep taking the pics so hopefully I can satisfy the food porn fix for you guys and finally not be all talk. :shock:

I smoke stuff, really I do. :oops:
Go Man, Go!

I just had some of yesterday's fatty with my breakfast. I have a bit left to go in the filling for this afternoon's ABTs.

Looking forward to the pics.


I just love fatty for breakfast meowey.

Finally got the butts wrapped. Just shy of 12 hours to break the plateau they hit at 170. They held there for about 3 hours. It's getting close.
The butts are done!! Hit 200 deg. at about 3 this p.m. Just over 14 1/2 hours. They were both right at 7 1/2 lbs.

Here they are at about midnight before they went on rubbed up and ready to hit the smoke. The rub is a recipe that KC_Scott had posted.

Have more pics I will post after dinner. Still have to make finishing sauce and pull em after they rest.
Last two. Just prior to foiling at 170.

Pulled and SoFlaquer's finishing sauce on there and ready to dig in

A pulled them at 200 deg. and rested in cooler for 2 hours. They both fell into about 3 big pieces and a few smaller chunks when I tried to pick them up. The bones pulled right out the end without even needing a twist.
Well, I guess I must not be doing to bad. I just got off the phone with the mother in law and took an order for a tray of pulled pork (2 butts) and a brisket for Christmas Eve dinner.
A thing of beauty! Well Done!
Way to go, ultramag!! Ain't it a great feeling when the MIL is impressed enough to place an order? :mrgreen: Nice pics, too!
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