propane useage

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papa jim

Original poster
Jan 26, 2007
I am just getting started at smoking, and have a gazillian questions. I am seriously looking at the great outdoors smokey mountain smoker that burns propane. One question I have is do any of you have experience with this smoker eather good or bad, also how long does a 5 gal tank of propane last when smoking.
I love mine. I have the medium size one and am purchasing the deluxe sized one now. I wish I had bought the big one in the first place. As far as usage - I usually get 3-4 smokes easily outta one bottle. Depends on the temps you run at and for how long of course. I tend to run all my stuff at 225-250 then crank it up at the end to get a nice crispy texture to the outside. Congradts and good luck!
Papa Jim welcome to SMF. You're in the right place to learn about smoking. Don't forget to post at the Roll Call area so everyone will know you're here.

Go for the GOSM propane. It will be a good one. The standard 20lb bottle will usually last somewhere around 20 - 30 hrs (3-4 smokes as stated by ballagh), depending on cooking temps, outside temps, and how often you are opening the door to mop or check on the meat.

Looking forward to seeing your posts Papa Jim

Keep Smokin
Hello, Papa Jim!

Welcome aboard and I will likewise encourage you to visit the Roll Call!

As for your propane usage question I have the GOSM Big Block Gasser(Smokey Mountain Deluxe Propane Smoker) and I highly recommend it. The smoker will hold enogh to feed an army and whether full or just a little bit occupied once you get the hang of it the temps are really easy to regulate.

I get three to four smokes for smaller loads but have been reduced to two loads for a whole snootfull in cooler weather! In the propane smoker section and elsewhere I have been adament about the one cure for any doubt on the another tank! And keep it full!

Again welcome aboard here and I hope you enjoy our company!

Anyone ever consider using a 100lb propane tank for a gas smoker or grill? Is it a ridiculous idea? THey sell empty tanks at Costco, but I have no idea where one could have it filled.

I got 2 20lb tanks that'll probably suit me just fine. I was just wonderin...
well it would last a while......typically around here some gas stations will fill propane tanks as well as some rental places that rent big equipment.....
They deliver 100 lbs tanks around here for regular kitchen stoves and heaters.

I don't know if it has the same hook ups but folks that live in house trailers use them all the time. Try a heating company that delivers for gas heat. Or maybe call a trailer park and ask were they get their supplies from.
i dont use gassers--
but i have noticed lately..
that its $22 for a "exchange"bottle..
thats the 20 lb size... [ most backyard bbq size]

thats at most gas stations and stop and rob's---
excuse me thats stop and go's

i guess thats a 5 gallon size???---if a quart weighs a lb..???

d j debi has a good point...

my friend who uses propane for house hold heating says that---
a 100 lb refill from oil/gas distibutor costs less than half of the cost
for 5---20 lb a buck where you can....

and once you have the 'smoking bug''---you will use it..
I have a 30# tank on my GOSM. The hose that comes with the GOSM barely reaches the tank and the tank has to be right next to the smoker. I would suggest that if you buy a tank bigger than the standard bbq style, you invest in a longer propane hose.
The 20lb is your standard backyard BBQ propane tank. I've never heard of them referred to in gallons, so I'll assume they are the same. I pay $20 for a replacement tank just a few blocks away. If it's half the price for the 100lb, I think it's worth looking into.

I'm smoking two butts as I type, and I just started the smoker with a tank that I don't think is gonna make it through the entire smoke. The alternative of using the full spare tank seemed a better option in the short-term, but long-term, emptying the first tank so I could exchange it for a full one seemed the smarter way to go.

With a 100lb tank, it would reduce the number of times you had to change an empty tank mid-smoke. Save money and reduce the hassle - I'll look into it Monday...
Certainly, a longer hose would be in order. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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