Propane smokers

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I am in the market for a propane smoker, & am leaning towards the Big Block, but I see Cabellas have a Stainless Steel 48" smokerfor $249, but it is only 16" square, & seems it might be a hindrance in smoking large turkeys,or briskets.. I don't see much discussion on the Cabellas smoker.. Has any one used them? How do they compare to the Big Block?
Thanks in advance..

i have the gosm 18 inch model it looks just like the cabellas version i would go with the big block because of more room to smoke more food the one i have is to small at times also mine is the stainless version for the money i would buy the regular painted version stainless looks good but it does not help the smoker much using it
I also have the painted Big Block. With the stainless models your cooking grates, water pan, burner, and smoker box are not stainless. The way I figure it, with the painted Big Block you can keep it a few years and then start over fresh again with another new painted Big Block for about the same price as one stainless Big Block. Heck, in a few years there may be some Mr. Gee-Whiz Smoker that will blow the doors off of a Big Block and I will be glad I did not have all that $$$ tied up in a stainless Big Block as I hauled it off to the dump to make room for the new Mr. Gee-Whiz Smoker. :D
Thanks for your replies.. Looks like the Big Block it will be. I have 3 more questions..

1.. Do any of you know where there is one in stock? I was hoping to be able to order it from Home Depot, & have it shipped to my local store. This way if it arrives damaged I wouldn't have to ship it back any where, but their online store says they're temporarily out of stock.. I read on forums that many that are shipped arrive damaged..

2.. Would Ibe able to put it on a stand of some kind, & bolt or clamp the feet down... This would bring the smoker up a couple of feet, so I wouldn't have to squat to put food in or out? or does the low height create a problem of any kind?

3.. I have Maverick ET-73 thermometer.. Where would I run the probes through so as not to kink or damage the wires?

i cant tell you about mail order i bought mine from the local costco

i dont think you could bolt it or clamp it down without somekind of modification you could build a step or stand of some kind to raise it up i have not had a problem with my smoker being to low

the thermometer i stick mine threw the vent in the top you just need to be carefull not to put the thermometer in while your smoker is to hot it will ruin the wire on the probe i have had to replace both probes on my thermometer
Johhnyo, you could just set it up on some concrete blocks on their sides with maybe an appropriate size patio stone laid on top!

p.s. I donâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t bend too well either anymore! :oops:
Thanks Up In Smoke.. My going down ain't too bad yet, but gettin' back up seems to take forever haha.. wonder what would happen by making legs 2' long with a bit wider stance at ground level & replacing the original ones, then anchoring them to the ground with rebar rods, or long spikes...
Just thinking out loud again..
Thatâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s how stuff gets done!
But get the biggest one ya can…you wonâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t regret it. You never know when the Swedish bikini team may drop in unannounced! :shock:
Course you could always get one similiar to my avatar, with the tank underneath! Itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s 24" wide x 54" tall, not including stack. Got it on sale at Sams for $340 :roll:
Your avy kinda gives me an idea, maybe I could build a cabinet to keep the tank in out of the weather, & keep some utensils in also, wood chips etc... have 2 wheels under it with a handle in back for moving it . & a door in front.. Mount the smoker on top.. Would that work? huh? huh?
OOps, should maybe patent it first ...
Seriously considering the Big Block.. Now I got to find one available, besides Amazon .com.. I see where a lot of theirs are being delivered damaged.. Home Depot would be OK, because I could inspect it before taking it.. But they're temporarily out of stock for quite awhile now.. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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