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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by hawnk, Mar 18, 2008.

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    Hey guys. First off I'm glad I found this place, you guys seem very knowledgeable about smoking! As for me, I have been smoking meat on and off for the past couple years. Traditionally I have been using a set up of 2 terracotta pots with an electrical element to provide the heat for the wood chips. While this worked well for me I felt it was finally time to upgrade. I put together a wooden smoke hut. Its built mainly out of 2by2s and plywood(I can post some pictures if you want). As for my heat source I had picked up coleman propane burner from canadian tire, it fits very nicely into the base of my smoke hut. This leads to my question: It was brought to my attention that fumes from the combustion of the propane could interfere with the taste of the meat and that a combustion chamber and exhaust pipe must be built so as the fumes from this combustion will not encounter the meat. But then I thought that we cook with propane and the food is directly above it on a BBQ. So I guess my question would be: Do you guys think I need to build this chamber so as the fumes from combustion of the propane will not encounter my meat?

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    Stop by Roll call forum and say howdee's tradition. And, no.
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    What Richtee said, but you will notice extra condensation on you smoker walls which is caused by the combustion of the propane.

    I think you were referring to a gas grill in your quote above when you called it a bbq----this may offend some of the Texans!!! Just mess'n with you Dane!
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    Yah I was referring to a gas grill! Thanks for you help.
  5. Make sure that you get enough primary air so it wont soot up on you. You should have a mostly blue flame that does not lift from the burner and you should be fine.

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