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  1. stoneysmama

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    I've been starting out slow -- smoked one chicken, and it was great! The skin was tanned to leather, but the meat was tender & juicy. Then I did some baby backs. The temp was too high for a while but they were good. Controlling temperature is my steepest learning curve, and can anyone recommend a thermometer that actually reads correctly?
  2. kookie

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    Welcome to the site. You might want to check out the thread on thermometers. I just have a cheap dial style from wally world. It works pretty good. But I am thinking of getting a dual probe digital one. Not sure which one yet, still researching them.

  3. richtee

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    Any digital probe type is an improvement over the stock one on your smoker. Ribs cannot reliably be measured directly, due to their thinness and amount of bone in them. But any brisket, butt or other bigger cut including poultry can be monitored in this way. I, and many others, have two digitals, or a unit that allows two probes, to measure both cooking surface temps, and meat temps.

    Invest in either a dual unit, or two singles.
  4. smokeys my pet

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    Go digital I like the Maverick ET -73!!!!!!!!!!
  5. flash

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    I've bought several of the Acurites digitals from Wal-Mart, around $14 or so each. All within 1º of each other.
  6. ds7662

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    Just about any digital will do.

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