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Discussion in 'Pork' started by 00nothing, Jul 12, 2009.

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    my local grocery has presmoked picnic shoulder on for 99cents a pound this week which is ideal as a i have a large family gathering on saturday but my question is can i jsut put thi back into the smoker and give it a low and slow to eventually end up with pulled pork or because it is precooked is that a bad idea ?

    Also I need to precook there will be no time day of can i cook to finish on friday and then refrigerate and reheat for saturday keeping it in a sauce for moisture ?
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    first off you can re-heat a picnic in a smoker but as far as cooking it further for pulling I cann't answer that one, I have never done that but I'm sure someone here has. As far as per cooking meat for a gathering you can but alot of stuff you should cook it all the way and just re-heat it. Pulled pork you can cook it and pull it then just re-heat it in a crock pot with some finishing sauce. Whole chickens you can (I do) smoke them fully and I re-heat them in a steamer pot and it comes out great hot and very juicy. So give alittle more info and we will be glad to help you.
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    Well i went and grabbed one they are labelled as cook and serve so i am guessing they are a light smoke meant to impart a ham taste to them and they have a nice big thick fat cap on them, so i grabbed a small one and into the oven [​IMG] it has gone figure it will give me at least a good idea as to how the meat will taste and be if i decide to smoke these babies going to do a vinegar and ketchup finishing sauce to keep it nice and moist and at the worst me and the kids can eat mr noodles for dinner tonight

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