prep for pulled pork?

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Original poster
Dec 20, 2006
I'm new to the game. and i''m going to try and smoke a boson butt. I've been reading previous posts and I know how i'm going to smoke it. But i was wondering what kind of prep you can do to make it better. Do you put the rub on and let it sit over night in the fridge? do you soak it in something? Just lookin for a few tips to improve it a bit.

hello burnz,

the first thing I smoked was a butt (not all that long ago) it turned out great.I did all of my prep work wright before the smoke. I used jeff's rub on it. I also used olive oil for the rub to stick to. Only because I forgot to get mustard, it turned out fine. I think the important things are to spray with apple juice every 1/2-1 hour and wrap in foil at 165 deg. and keep the smoking temps wright until it reaches 195-200 deg.

hope this was helpful

Rub it down with your favorite rub/spices and let it sit overnight or at least 12 hours in the fridge before putting it in to smoke. Pork butts are very forgiving, so do not be afraid to try different techniques. I have tried soaking my pork butts in applejuice and bourbon over night, but I do not think the flavor imparted was that much different/better than what I get when I spritz it down with apple juice during the smoking process. I think all I did was waste a gallon of apple juice and a fifth of Old Charter!

Typical advice for smoking meat applies for the pork butt, proper fire management is important. Looking at the meat is fun and all, but every time you open it up, you are releasing heat that has to build back up, so you are increasing your cook times. I usually do my squirt bottle spritz thing every 90-120 minutes.
BurnZ, I like to apply my rub directly to the pork-no olive oil, no mustard, cover loosely with plastic wrap and place in fridge. Just before I fire up the smoker to bright it up to temp, I apply another caot of the rub to the butt and let it sit. When the smoker reaches the desired temp the butt goes into the smoker using a mix of hickory and cherry for flavor. After about 3 hours I begin to spray the butt with apple juice and then spray about every hour until the butt reaches 165*. I then foil the butt and add some more apple juice and return it to the smoker minus the smoke. Let it do it's thing until the them reaches 190* and then place the foiled butt in baking dish (to catch any leakage) and place the whole thing in a towel/blanket lined cooler and let it rest for a couple of hours. The bone will slide right out and the butt will pratically fall apart on it's own.
Brine overnight if you can, or use an injector to inject brine directly into the pork butt at least 4 hours before you plan to cook it.

Rub the night before, with or without a mustard slather.

The morning of, I get the butt out and rub it again. Let it sit on the counter while I get the smoker ready, so the butt will be as close to room temp as possible when I put it on.
I rub my butt the night before the smoke. Wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge ovenight.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun and do good!


Chris, you want to pretty much wrap it completely. Sometimes I have a little bit of a hole where my temp. probe is inserted in the butt.
i have rubbed both the night before and just before and i can not tell any real difference. both are great, both are awsome. it just really depends on your country state of mind.

matter of fact the last batch i did, i only put spicy brown mustard on the outside with no rub and have had more complements on that then any other i have ever done. do not get me wrong, i do not want to be mistaken, i simply forgot to put on the rub, it was not intentional. :oops: but i was cooking 7 or 8 things at once so i did not notice untill later as i was in my first (of several) round of cleaning. by then it was too late (several hours in to the smoke).

i also have never been one to mop. i just throw it on the grill and only open when i have to, like when flipping my fatties, getting my potatoes on and off, you know the good stuff. every so often i dont even open the door at all, just leave it sit.

as you can tell i was not one of them kids sneeking to the tree early xmas morning before mammy and pops were up, or looking in closets for presents. it dont bother me any to wait.
last butt I did I injected the night before with a mix of apple juice, exta virgin olive oil and jack daniels, put a little yellow mustard on it, then the rub and covered for the night, right before I put it in the smoker I added a bit more rub, sprayed it down with that same mixture every time I added more wood throughout the cook till I foiled at 165*, pulled it off the smoker at 197* and let it rest in a cooler for about an hour and a half. Came out fantastic!!

Wrap it in foil and seal it up, keeps the juices in. When you open the foil there will be liquid in the bottom, pour this off in a bowl and SAVE IT! Put it in the fridge for a while and the fat will solidify on top making it easy to remove, remove most, don't worry if there is a little left. After the meat is pulled heat what is left in the bowl until it melts and pour it over the meat and toss to distribute it evenly. It will give you a lot of excellent flavor you would miss if you throw it out.
i'll rub my wife's bu....oops thats another forum...i'll rub or marinade a least 12 to 24 hours before i smoke. with a mix of cherry and apple or one or the other for that smoky taste, spraying about every half hour to an hour with a mix of sweet apple cider and honey till it's time to wrap at 165 then it's foiled till 195 or 200 then into the cooler for a couple of hours.... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.