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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by smoken yankee, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. I was woundering if any of you out there have one like this, it's a Vertical Smoker from Cabela's the 48" model propane, two door system where you don't lose any smoke when you open the lower door(where the water pan and wood box are). I just got it for an early B-day gift from my wife, and what do you think about it.[​IMG]
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    Haven't seen that one,looked at the stainless steel cabelas. sounds like a great b-day gift. Post some pics of the new smoker!!

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    One of my cousins has that smoker and loves it.....Congrats on the gift!
    Fire it up!!
  4. I seasoned it last nite. Go to Cabela's official site, go to smokers and it's the sixth one(the second row,#2)
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    What do you think of the construction and the ease of the second door with the wood chip and water boxes?

    I am looking for a new smoker but I noticed it did not get many great reviews on the Cabela website
  7. Well it's sturdy construction. If you had a single door and had to open that door and put another handful of wood in, you would lose your heat and smoke(temp would drop). You do have to put it together and it does come with hanging hooks for jerky and dowls for sausage and six adjustable shelves, I had an old smoker with one small door(6"x2") just for water and wood(elec. smoker) but I'll test it out this weekend maybe with a rack or two, I don't at this time and will take pictures of it.

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