Prayers For Ryan and Family...

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Thankfully there is an older gentleman still alive today. He tried driving through this and got washed off the road.

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Appreciate the prayers and support! So as things are a bit rough in our family now many others have it worse. Some lives have been lost. Mother Nature has a fury at times.

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Ryan, Prayers go out to you your wife, her step mom and all the Residents of Spencer and Rock Valley, and all the others that are suffering from what Mother Nature has done out there. It sucks about your wife's stepmom but at least she's still alive I hope and pray the other surgeries go well and she can adjust to life once she heals up. All that flooding is real bad anytime but growing season makes it a whole lot worse.
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Don't want to hijack this by any means but hope you are doing Ok Gary. Maybe let us know how you are doing in another thread if you wish.
Wish you the best as well Gary! And no worries about hijacking a thread. It's all about supporting others and prayers for the ones that need it. Was thinking this morning of a neighbor not far away from us... probably close to 70, had knee replacement last winter, ended up with a blood clot and stroke. He's mostly recovered but took alot of therapy.

So an update on Mary Jane... she's having a good day so far. In good spirits. Shelly's dad, Steve said he slept like a baby... which was very much needed. She will need another angioplasty to remove blood clot. Dr feels like everything went well and still thinks they will be able to leave the knee and stub under it. Steve didn't understand it but says they have some type of vacuum connected to her leg to filter what I understood as filtering the nasties out of her blood so she can keep the muscle or muscles below the knee.
There was a few laughs this morning as she was heavily medicated last night and a mention that she thought she was back in the 70s.
Can't thank you enough for all the support, thoughts, and prayers!
Continued prayers for those affected by the floods. It's just unimaginable what some are dealing with. The State patrol having road blocks up keeping people out of these flooded towns. Some towns no water. Or if they have water being told not to use it because of sewer systems not working. The town of Rock Valley was flooded in 2016 with the river cresting at 16'. They sand bagged the levy to 17' this time, hoping that would be enough. 16' was the highest it had ever been. It crested at 22 or 24' ( can't remember which) this time and bust through the levy.

Ryan, prayers sent for your wife's mom. That's terrible, but at least she's alive and bearing this well. Losing a foot is bad, but it could be a whole lot worse. Thank God she"s got a good doctor, who can minimize the damage save the rest of the leg muscles. Prayers will continue.
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Always in my thoughts and prayers.
Wishing the best for MiL
Heard SW Minnesota and NE Iowa got blasted with rain and that sucks.
We're very full of rain up here. Our crops are up, but the neighbors that just finished seeding are in the reseed mode for flooded ditches.
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