Pots And Pans?!

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Jun 18, 2013
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Hey all, we’ve been thinking for a bit now that we need to replace our pots and pans… would like a set that will last longer than a few years as we do use them daily.

There are so many different brands out there I think I lost track… 🤣🤷‍♂️

So, thought I’d reach out and ask what you all are using, the durability of what your using and would you recommend them?

Thanks in advance for your input!
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Cast Iron is pretty much all we use in our house. I do have a few stainless steel pots of various sizes for soups or sauces and boiling water. Got rid of all my teflon stuff years ago.
All-Clad is our go-to for most cooking. It wasn't inexpensive, but almost 10 years in it still looks like new. It's very solidly constructed.

We do have a few cherished family heirloom >100 year old cast iron pieces that still see use as well.
We love our cast iron for certain items and our "fancy-pants" non-stick-ceramic Caraway pots and pans (Amazon). All are hand wash.

P.S. Never use cooking spray in non-stick pots/pans...use oil, butter, lard, etc. The cooking spray, over time, reduces the non-stick properties.
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I bought my wife a set of pots and pans over 20 years ago from Emeril Lagasse, they are made by All-Clad. Very good and durable pots and pans. The bottoms are multi layered clad so they hold heat very well. Other than that it’s CI skillets. There is a bit of sticker shock but they are American made and if you shop around you can find sales or like we did we found a promotion from a chef for a set of All-Clad for less than buying direct from All-Clad

Your budget will probably be a key factor in what you buy.

We use SwissDiamond non-stick induction pans.
They are terrific.
I let a youtuber (projectfarm) talk me into trying Granitestone Blue for a new nonstick skillet. So far, it's as good as any other nonstick I've ever used. Got a 12" for 19.99 on the 'Zon after coupons and such.

I no longer recommend Calphalon. I used to like the better made (not-walmart) stuff. I bought a big 8qt pot specifically for things like beans and thickened soup/stews as I much prefer non-stick for something like clam chowder. It lasted about 6 cooks before I noticed stuff flaking off. I did buy it at a TJ Maxx but it is one of the 'nice' heavy ones. I still have it, I don't cook in it. It's great for ice bath and if I ever sous vide, it will work fine there too. It might be as simple as this was a bad batch, but it soured me.

IMO most people that get long life usage out of non-stick follow 2 simple rules. Don't get it too hot, and don't use a wire whisk or a metal spatula or tongs in it. My daughter doesn't understand either rule.
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I've gotten rid of all our non-stick stuff. I still use cast iron and we switched to All-Clad stainless. There's a learning curve. You can find it on sale sometimes for black friday sales. I've seen a big improvement in our cooking. The aluminum cores do an excellent job distributing heat and you get more even cooking than you can with cast iron or carbon steel. The problem is you gotta preheat them and have some oil in there because food will absolutely stick to it like crazy. But with some dishes being able to get that fond(the stuck bits on the bottom of a pan), is great boost of flavor when you deglaze to make a sauce or whatever. But All-Clad is pretty expensive. I looked at Hex-Clad and they look gorgeous but I just don't buy into it.
My wife bought a set of pots and pans, Royal Prestige it says on the bottom years ago... not cheap by any means but had a great warranty. Have no idea how many years ago that was. Still have them and use on occasion. Mostly cast iron used now.

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I had to replace most of my cookware about 10 years ago when I switched to an induction cooktop during a kitchen remodel. I was leaning towards All-Clad stainless but the handles were very uncomfortable for me. I ended up getting Williams-Sonoma Thermo-Clad stainless; it performs as well and similarly to All-Clad but with much more comfortable handles (and the handles stay cool so you don't need a pot holder unless you put them in the oven), plus less expensive than All-Clad (though still not inexpensive). Made in Italy and do occasionally go on sale. I highly recommend these!

They also have a less expensive line of stainless that is made in China; I got my niece a set as a wedding present. They seem to be well made but lack the stay-cool handles. My niece's hubby has worked in restaurants a lot (non-cooking jobs mostly) so he's seen plenty of cookware and he was impressed with them. These go on sale occasionally as well.
We have a set of Cuisinart Multiclad Pro Tri Ply stainless and love them. They are similar to All-Clad. I have an All-Clad pot and don't notice a difference when cooking with it. Have had the set for several years and still look new. I think we bought it at Kohls or JCPenny.
I have no idea on anything new .
I have a set of Revere ware from '86 , and just got some really nice Revere pans made in the '60s from Ray , and the Goodwill .
My hand me down cast iron is 1940 / 1950 .
Gets used every day . Stuff will outlast me .
For nonstick I have mostly higher end Calpholon. Stainless I have All Clad and also Demeyere I got as a gift from tx smoker tx smoker . I am considering adding some Hexclad pieces.
3 sizes of C.I.. Small, Medium and as Fluffy would say "Damn"! Also a full set of the Food Network pots and pans. We were also just gifted a 5 qt Le Gourmet Chef pan from my in laws. Their downsizing their house and buying a condo and wanted us to have this pan. This thing is HUGE also. Although it would have been nice to leave aside the lid while helping them pack. They let us know about "gifting" us the pan after we just bubble wrapped and packed, boxed and sealed up all the cut glass, stem ware and glass cookware in the house. Oh well, should see it in about a month or two. Just bought a Joyce Chen WOK to add to my arsenal. This has been an interesting experience. Just wish I had room in my kitchen for all these.
Man I’ll have to look at the brand but this last time I transferred before our house hold goods showed up we picked up a 3 piece set of pans from Costco and they have been killer. I’m rough on pans too. By that I mean unusually try to clean them before they are cooled off and end up warping them. But these have been great. I’ll check the brand in the morning and let you know what they are.
I've been using a SS set from Tramontina for about 10 years now. Tri-clad, similar to All Clad in every way except for cost. I still have a couple of non-stick that I kept but haven't used them in years. Once you learn how to cook on SS even eggs can be done without sticking.
Our non-stick are All-Clad that have held up well. I agree that the handles are uncomfortable. I mostly use cast iron.
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