portable wind break for a GOSM

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Mar 22, 2006
To eliminate the wind factor with my smoking I built this shelter out of 1 & 1/2 sheets of cheap plywood and 8 - 4 " hinges . For the extension on the exhaust I used a piece of 6 " heater duct pipe . After it was built I tried it out the next day , the wind was blowing alittle with gusts about 8 - 10 mph. The inside temp was a constant 220 -230 degrees and the smoker control valve was on low and the gas valve was opened a crack . ( on one pic you can see the smoke was horizontal ) When your done with it folds up to only 3 " wide for easy storeage .



Very clever Kennymn, like the idea of the easy fold down and storage. Between the insulation on the smoker and the windbreak, you can probably get close to 40-50 hours on a tank!!!
That sure does look like a good snow bird mod. If you made the cover durable enough to handle staying outdoors in the weather then you would have a permanent cover for your smoker and supplies.

Is there a GOSM somewhere under all of that?
I was planning to make something similar, but with four sides. Using hinges to make it foldable is an excellent consideration. I was going to coat the exterior faces with a water repellant coating to handle this year's predicatably unpredictable weather.
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