pork trimmings for bbq

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Nov 21, 2006
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anyone ever see this stuff? i went to my big grogery store today, to get another meat thermometer, and some meat and stuff to smoke. all the packer briskets looked like crap to me, so i check out the pork. they had "boston butt roast for bbq", $0.99/lb. so i bought one. looked good, not alot of fat on the outside. got home, and fixed up the dozen ABT's i had bought stuff to make, laid out the two fatties that were on the agenda (1 sage and 1 hot). open up the "butt" to apply my rub, and low and behold, it is sliced up. it was in a cryovac package. i get out my receipt, and it says "pork trimmings". i am like, "wtf?". i have never seen this before. i thought the trimmings is what they made sausage out of. anyway, it is in the smoker right now. i pulled out the ABT's awhile ago- already ate half of them. the fatties come out soon, and the "butt" comes out right after they do. i put the "butt" in a small aluminum roasting pan, as i didn't feel like it would be a good idea to lay it all right on the rack. i sprinkled my rub all over it, along with a seeded and diced up jalapeno. i mopped it also. i am going to let it rest all night, and see what i need to do to it to eat it (pull it, slice it up better). pics tomorrow; i will reply to this post with the pics, and i have a decent pic of the TBS.
You might want to get it in foil quicker than normal sos not to dry it out, canâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t imagine you could build to much bark on it though…just chop her up, I guess. Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m kinda interested to see what comes of it! :shock:

Maybe you could truss it up with some skewers or butcherâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s cord, like a rolled roast!
hello hello,
around these parts they call a sliced boston butt pork steaks..

in this area pork steaks is probably the #1 sunday afernoon grill choice..

on butt-- 3 pork steaks are called center cut..
the ones with blade bone in

the rest can get very fatty.

i have never heard them called pork trim before...

i make my own sausage-- and i get the butt thats been sliced...
its so easy to cut up for the grinder....
yo chris,
with the smoke stack being connect ed so low---
doesnt this cause stale smoke to be in chamber????

or if fire box feed is low also,
could the smoke go from feed to vent ,
without much circulation????

i luv homemade stuff!!
your smoker is cool!!
larry, the way marvin (msmith) explained it, it creates a "rolling" effect on the smoke being like that. that is the way he made his. the smoke does exit out thru the smoke stack. the smoke stack is cut in just below the rack. the input from the firebox is the same way, just below the rack. the smoke circulates real good.

Dutch could answer this better that I could but prok trimmings are the fat cuttings off of the pork, there is traditionally a bit of meat left on the fat so you could grind it up and make sausage however it would be very fat.
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