Pork Tenderloins - Peach Glaze

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Sep 24, 2023
Costco had a deal and I could not resist today. 4 pork loins for $2.99 a pound. So I brought them home and I dropped a couple of them in a “Sweet and Savory” marinade we made and then put them in the refrigerator for 3 hours. The marinade was honey, soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar, Dijon, some rosemary and thyme and some standard brisket seasoning because it was handy. When I pulled them out of the fridge I dusted them again with the brisket seasoning.

I roasted them on the Traeger at 375 for 30mins, temped them at 148 and pulled them off the grill. I then spread some fancy Peach Jam the wifey had as a glaze.

The verdict…
We both thought it was fantastic. A little heat at first bite, then a sweet finish from the jam. This will become a standard here at the house. So easy to do.



Nice plate of food , no problem sitting ( or standing ) to a meal like that

I also use a couple of my jams as a glaze on some of my cooks/ smokes

The wifey and I stand in the kitchen at the island bar a lot when we eat. As a boy, Mom always made me come to the table to eat rather than stand and eat like a “heathen” 😂.

The jam was excellent. It was one she had picked up at a farmers market a while back. It was just sitting in the fridge taking up space so I decided to use it. The marinade kept the pork moist! Was not dry at all.
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Mom always made me come to the table to eat rather than stand and eat like a “heathen” 😂.
I have a smoke coming soon that will have my Apple Butter on it as a glaze , it is a pork roast.

Funny, mom grew up on a Dairy farm, and she always told us when we were kids , if your eating sit at the table, your not an animal.

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