Pork Tenderlion

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Dec 19, 2005
Beautiful Grand Rapids Michigan
I pulled a pork tenderlion out of the freezer this morning (I just had to smoke something)

Now I am searching the site to find a good way to smoke/BBQ it and I did not find any.

Does anyone have any advise for how to cook this baby up?
Rub that baby down with your favorite spice blend, smoke it over your choice of wood (hickory, apple or pecan would be mine). Stick a therm into the fattest end and smoke to 135. Pull 'er, let 'er set for 10-15 minutes, and slice it into thick (chop size) slices. Those are just my thoughts...
If your talking about the real small tenderloins that usually come 2 to a pack, I just grill them. I grilled a couple last night. I usually use a store bought rub on those. Durkee's St. Louis rib & chicken rub is good grilled. Don't over do it or it will get salty. I coat them with EVOO and smear on the rub. Let them sit out for 1/2 hour or so to come up to room temp. Throw them on a fairly hot grill turning occassionally for about 30 minutes or until temp reaches 150.
I did a tenderloin like SmokeMac described about two weeks ago. And I did slather it (lightly) in ball park mustard before putting the rub on. It was great! I kept the smoker at about 225* and I don't remember the exact time but it came up to temp rather quickly ..... mabey 1 to 1.5 hours. Let the thermo be your guide though. Enjoy!
Finished it up and boy was that good.

I hit it with yellow mustard and some commercial dry rub.

Even today it is good cold. It is just the kind of snack that I love having available
Cheech, can you give us the method that you used and what was your internal temperature when you pulled the meet out of the smoker? 135 or 225?
Well what I did was rub some yellow mustard on the out side with some dry rub (Store bought - but I was short on time really), fired up the smoker and seared up the outside. Ran the smoker at 250F until the internal was 160F then sat back and tasted a piece of Heaven
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