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Jul 21, 2006
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OK, the brisket's outta the way. I'm attempting pork (not ribs) on Thursday. What cut should I seek? Does anyone want to share a favorite recipe/technique? Thanks...
Hi SmokeMack,

I would recommend Pork Butts for your first try at pork.

It's hard to mess up a Butt, unless you don't cook it long enough to get to temp.

Check out the Pork forums and you will find plenty of recipes and techniques for making pulled pork.

You will also find some pictures that may cause you to damage your keyboard and or monitor with bite marks and drooling. :P
I agree, get a Pork Butt, salt, pepper, garlic seasoning. put in the smoker, let it get up to temp, spray it often, wrap it in foil, let it finish.
Yep, as they said.

Scroll down a little bit, and you'll find a treasure trove of methods and recipes.

Look for threads marked Pork Shoulder, Pork Picnic, Boston Butt, or Pulled Pork for great tips.
Pork Butts are always a good suggestion! Just remember it won't pull til the 190-200 area, so get comfortable for a long smoke, but that's half the fun.
Since this is your 1st butt, keep the seasoning simple. that way you get a feel of the taste of the meat. After you get the technique down, then you can start adding the injections, and fancy complex rubs. Take my word for it though, salt, pepper garlic powder will make the meat taste just fine.
I agree iceman, I also like simple rubs, I like to go heavy on the pepper for beef but more garlic on pork.

Go ahead and use the mustard method though, it seems to work well, The rub always sticks really well and I've never really tasted mustard in the meat, not that mustard would even taste bad. Whatever just have fun with it
And for the "spray", I don't know what iceman uses but many people suggest and I also recommend apple juice in a spray bottle. Ever hour or so open the smoker and give a good spritz.

then when I foil I add a bunch more apple juice to the foil package and sort of tent the foil so that the meat has a little room in there. I can't remember where I read to do these things but I'm sure it was somewhere here on this website being that it's the only bbq website I use.
I use cherry juicebox type juice (not the syrup cherries are packed in) but have also used apple like these guys.

SmokeMack, I read your intro thread after this one, see you've been smoking a while.

As far as recipes, I think Dutch has a Pulled Pork Glaze recipe in the pork section somewhere.
I usually use apple juice., If I want to "go all out" it is a mix of apple juice, whiskey and a little pickle juice. This mix has NEVER made bad ribs.
Well, here's the scoop. Couldn't find a butt, picked up a 9.5 pound Picnic. Salt, pepper, and lots of garlic. The spray shall be: apple and pineapple juice, Makers Mark (thanks Icemn62) and a touch of Garlic Pepper Tabasco. Smoke went down this AM at 6:00. Hope to pull at 7:00pm, and be passed out, fat, on the couch by 10:00!! I'll try to figure out the "picture posting thing" here. If not I'll put 'em up on my site with a link. Thank you ALL for the great tips! To be continued...
Alright SmokeMack,

Sounds like you have a plan :D .

Did you remember to write down your rub recipe this time?

Be sure and let us see some of them "Food Porn" pics. 8)
Yes, Cajun, notebook is at hand :) ...

This post serves not only as a "halfway home" update, but as a picture test as well. Everything looks great right now. Got a perfect fire going and the smoke looks good. Here is a test pic...

Picnic report card. Pulled it at 8:00pm (174 degrees). Foiled it, and let it rest for an hour. Peeled it off the bone and got stuffed. Smoked up my first batch of ABT's as well, they didn't make it far. We were pleased with the pork, enjoy some pics. Grade = B, not as "melt in your mouth" tender as I would have hoped. Next week, Salmon or ribs...

Mack-To get an A+ on the next one, take the internal temp to 190* then foil it and let it rest in an ice chest lined with old blankets and coved with blankets. The bone should pull right out and the butt falling apart.

BTW-for your B effort. you done did good! :D
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