Pork shoulder

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Aug 11, 2007
Vancouver, Wa.
Giving it another try and have a couple small shoulders in the smoker today. This is how they are looking after several hrs.

Is this what I should be seeing for TBS (wavey lines on upper front of smoker and faint hints on top rear corners) ?

Home made. Double walled SST industrial cabinet. Was new and heading for the trash. Has a separate upper chamber I use for cold smokes for things like cheese.
I think you are seeing the thin blue smoke, hard to tell from the photo but it should be able to see thru and wispy, not white and bollowing.
If you think it's thin & blue smoke< then it usually is. Cause if it wasn't you'd be saying "Damn look at all that smoke" LOL You know what I like to do, (ok maybe I'm a little strange) When I see it I'll get up and go near the smoker and just smell,,,, aaahhhhhh Love That Smell.
It's thin enough it hard to capture in the pic. My concerns have been the smoke doesn't look blue to me but always light.

Over the few yrs I've had this smoker the somewhat sticky build-up on the cabinet walls has always had me wondering if I was doing it right, no creosote. Never used anything other than seasoned smoking varieties of wood.
Even when the smoker is not in use, when I walk by the smoker, sometimes I open the door and take a smell. Nothing better.
Not yet, still a couple hrs away from getting in 12 hrs. Will have to see what the temp is. Monitoring and is at the plateau, ~160 and holding.
Hey that looks perfect Webfoot! Sometimes it's hard to see unless you have a darker background to look into. Can't wait to see the end product!
Since several ask, here it is as taken out of the smoker. Meat temp was 180°

Used my typ Apple/Cherry mix for wood. Added a cut up Apple in the water tray and made some Apple Juice from one of the trees out back and keep the shoulders moist.

Going to let them cool down and then see if I can get some slices.

Hey, where's the smell-o-vision option?

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