Pork Rind Question

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I let'em float.

I know those homemade af so good! When we do the big steak cook for the Catholic school Marco and Meni's dad always brings a few huge bags. We much them all day with my hot sauces and I'm usually lucky enough to take a gallon bag home. Makes store bought taste like trash.
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Mmmm - thanks Keith...now I gotta find some pig skins and make pork rinds! My mouth's watering just thinking about it.

Thought I had read when researching how to make these thet were to be held down in the oil for up to a minute...

I too let them float and not for long... I do notice some that I do hold down that air bubbles keep coming out for a short time... Dunno if that's good or bad...
I haven't done any in a long time . I think if the oil is hot enough , they puff , float , done .
The ones that float , but don't puff I used to hold down until they did . I could never get the oil hot enough to get that flash reaction .
I could never get the oil hot enough to get that flash reaction.
Unless you dehydrate by some means, you've got to get it dangerously hot to get that effect.
Really increases the chance of a fire and/or burning the cracklins.

I've spent days prepping to get the best and easiest cracking skin on pork belly or pork rinds.
Air drying and salting 48-72 hours in advance.

I remember someone here once posted an old black-n-white photo of a pork cracklin pot (?) engulfed in a huge raging fire in front of a house as people looked on.
That or they were rendering lard or tallow.
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