Pork ribs on the offset

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Jun 10, 2022
Last Sundays dinner, I've never had the results with ribs in the past that I expect, this is the second pork rib cook I've done on the offset and I can finally say I'm in the game with them. Was a rough day maintaining the fire I think there was 35 mph wind and I had the smoker faced wrong way, figured that out and then we had a storm come through and I had to pull it in garage to avoid the hail. The ribs, chz potatoes, beans were all well received from the critics (family)
Looks like you nailed it. Wouldn't push those away for sure.
I guess your 1975 likes to run in nasty weather. Next storm that comes thru I guess you'll be firing her up for some stormy ribs.
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The ribs look fantastic, but the scenery behind your 1975 is even more fantastic. Would love to have that kind of view off my patio.

And wind and storms are the bane of offset cooking. I smoked ribs couple of Saturdays ago in 20 to 30 mph winds with gusts over 40. Even with stack end pointed into the wind and the firebox somewhat protected, the gusts did strange things to my temps.
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Beautiful scenery and even better looking ribs. Nice Job.

Point for sure
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