pork loin

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Jan 11, 2006
Found a sale on whole pork loins so I bought one. Half went into the smoker and half got vacume sealed and frozen. I have never smoked a loin before. Should I wait until it is almost done and wrap it in foil with apple juice? Will it be fine to just smoke it until it is 190 degrees? I like all the info I get from this site and it is very helpful to hear everyone's success stories. I think it makes us all better with the smoke. :D
Loins are tricky.............probably the best way is to seek out the Dutch's recipe.

I did one to 200o but it was fat enough to do it. Here's the Link

If ya don't do'm right, they'll fall apart but will be dry.
Go into the search mode with the button in the lower left of this site and search for Dutch's stuffed pork loin recipe. I'll guarantee you will be a hit and the smoke isn't difficult. Tell you what...... follow the recipe and if it isn't the best you ever had, let me know and I'll eat it myself.
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