Pork Loin

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Feb 21, 2006
Oregon Coast
I'm going to try smoking a loin this weekend. I got some great tips from the threads, but I still have a couple questions. Should I brine, or just rub and mop? Also, approximately how long in the smoker per pound? It's a small loin, and I don't want it to be dry. Someone mentioned wrapping it with bacon. Is this helpful, and if so, do I wrap it with bacon before I rub?

I'm also thinking about doing some jerky this weekend. Can I do it at the same time I do the loin?
Vix, If your using one of my two pork loin recipes-Stuffed Pork Loin or the Mahogany Glazed Pork Loin-neither of these were brined by me but came "injected with flavor enhancers" (a brine solution). If you Loin doesn't have a sufficient fat cap (1/8-1/4 inch) then using a fat bacon (more fat than lean) to cover the loin will add some protection. Put the Rub on before you cover with the bacon and then add some Rub to the bacon.

I very seldom measure my smokes by time anymore. I smoke by temp. But figure 1.5 hours per pound at 225-250 degrees. With pork now days, you only need to cook them to 145 internal but most still cook them to 165 as the concept of med. rare pork hasn't really caught on yet.

You can do your pork and jerky at the same time. If you have a vertical smoker, Place the jerky on the top racks and the loin on the lower rack.
Thanks Dutch! That mahogany souce sounds great, and I think I'll give it a try.

Looking again, it's actually a tenderloin rather than a loin. Does that make a difference? It's also quite small, only 2.5lbs. (There's only 2 of us, so I usually buy small cuts) There isn't much of a fat cap, none to be exact, so I'll wrap with bacon as suggested. It wasn't injected with anything either, so I'm thinking maybe I should brine. What do you think?
The tenderloin is great. I usually will just rub, and make a slit in the middle to stuff with bacon, cheese, spinach, shrimp, or anything else you might like. I baste often with a 3 part apple juice, to 1 part Jim Beam mop (in a spray bottle), and will foil after the meat reaches about 140 degrees. When you foil, be sure to bast liberally, and like Dutch said bring the internal temp to at least 165 degrees. The rub and the apple juice will give it great color and flavor, and the foil will keep it moist. In the pic below, I did not foil, and the pork was a little dry, but still had a wonderful taste. (I took this pic when I thought foiling was cheating!) ;)

It looks excellent Noah! The chicken looks mouthwatering too! I hope mine turns out looking half as good! I actually just put it in a brine to soak overnight. I guess I might as well leave it there, and see how it turns out. It can't hurt can it?

Great tip on the mop...think I'll use Black Velvet instead tho...
Dutch, I was finally able to try your mahogany sauce. It was incredible! One of the best sauces I've tried!

I don't know if anyone can top that sauce, but I'd sure be willing to try out any other recipes...
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