Pork Loin, Pork Ribs & Beef Brisket Questions

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Feb 1, 2007
Bel Air, MD
Like the title says, I am going to do all three of these meats today for the first virgin run (1st after the seasoning run and a few fatties during the seasoning run - which turned out bad, actully had to throw them away) in my new Smokin' Tex Smoker (like CookShack SM008) .

Some questions I have:

What temp should I run the smoker at for all these meats 200, 220-225, or higher?

I will use the 3-2-1 method for the ribs.

I have never smoked in any other smoker, except my CharBroil Water smoker, so please excuse my questions - I want all the meats to come out edible and not have to use the oven to finish off - if at all possible.

Should I soak the wood chunks in water? Or use dry? How much wood to use? My plan is to use hickory chunks and a few apple chips (couldn't find chunks of apple).
Those temps sound fine to me, I usually like to run it around 225-240, but anywhere from 200-250 should be fine.

I don't soak my chips or chunks......never have, and I really can't tell you why you should or should'nt, maybe someone else can chime in on that one.

Ask away, that's the great thing about this forum.... good folks who are willing to help if they can!!!

Good luck and let us know how it's going...and remember we love pics if you can.
tonto1117 - Thanks for the reply, here is a progress report with a picture, I will get another picture when I pull the ribs at 3 hours.

Hey, does anyone know why I am not getting e-mail notifications on threads I am subscribed to? I went to the User Control Panel and set that up today, but I am not getting e-mail notifications.

I got the smoker going about 6pm EST, so the ribs will be done at midnight. Top shelf: Pork Spare Ribs, Middle shelf: 9.5 lb Pork Loin (cut in half) Bottom shelf: 9 pound Beef Brisket. Most of this smoke is going to be cooled then cut in to meal size pieces and then vacuum sealed & froze. Then I can have smoked dinners at the drop of a hat.

I have always been told to soak the chips in water for a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours (yes, you can over soak the wood). This is so the chips or chunks smoke & smolder instead of catching fire. But after reading on SMF, I find that some people do soak in water and some don't. I was just wondering what to do with this type of smoker, since I had never smoked on it before.

I soaked the apple chips in water and the hickory chunks I left dry. This way my apple chips dont go up in flames and burn out in a few minutes.

Here is a pic as I was closing the door on the smoker.

Update as promised (to tonto1117):

Well, it got to be 9pm and the "3" part of the rib 3-2-1 method is done, so I pulled the ribs sprayed with apple juice, and foiled for the next 2 hours.

While I was waiting, I made some of Dutch's Mahogany Sauce (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...hread.php?t=64) - Raspberry flavor, with homemade raspberry freezer jam (seeds still in).


Here is the picture of the smoke, as I open the door after 3 hours.


This is the Pork Loin as I was putting the sauce on it - in the backgound is my favorite whiskey - just as Dutch's recipe calls for. I might have added a bit more than Dutch said to!

Incredible!!! Looks Fantastic!!! So many of us smoking today I can almost smell the smoke in the breeze.

Sorry can't help you with the thread problem... as SmokyOky says ' I'm computarded"

Off Topic> Debi, if you read this congrat's on your new job!!!
The Pork Loin reached 145, right at the time the ribs need to come out of the foil, so at the same time, I pulled the Pork Loins and coated with the raspberry mahagony sauce and stuck in back in for 1 more hour, til temp reached 165. Then pulled the ribs and loin at the same time - worked out good for me.

Ofcourse I had to try a slice of the loin with a side of the raspbrerry mahagony sauce for a midnight snack - Wow this really impressed me. I also had to try a small rib for dessert, they were fantastic! I may have to adjust my wood chunks & chips to just slightly less, but I am just figuring out this new smoker and how it all works compared to my CharBroil Water Smoker.

The brisket is up to 178 and I was a little concerned that it came up to temp so fast, so I turn down the temp on the smoker to 180 and will let it go till morning, then bring it back up a bit to finish off. Since your suppposed to do brisket "low & slow" I figured that by holding it at 180 for 6 or so more hours, should make for a good tender brisket - if I don't dry it out.
Good lookin' smoke. Hope you post finished brisket pics.

As far a soaking chips. I will sometimes soak chips if I'm going to try to use smoke in my grill. I rarely soak chips or chunks that go in the smoker.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


NAUIdvr1, so how did your brisket turn out??

BTW- that rasberry sauce looks awesome!!!!!
Brisket turned out good, not my best, but for most that ate, they couldn't tell it was not my best one. I need to cut back on the amount of wood I use in this new smoker, it is a bit different than the CharBroil Water smoker I am used to. So this is a little bit of a learning curve.

The Raspberry sauce was awsome, I simply won't do pork loin with out it, from now on.
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