pork loin or no?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by countryrocker212, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. countryrocker212

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    Well I made a pork shoulder on my uds the other day and it stalled for too long so I decided to pull it at 170. I've never sliced a shoulder before and it turned out great. My question is if I buy a whole loin from Sam's will it have the same texture and color as a tenderloin or would it turn the brownish color of a shoulder?
    Thanks in advance
  2. meateater

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    Pork loins work out well for me just like a shoulder. Patience is the key.
  3. countryrocker212

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    Ok sounds good...any ideas for slicing thin without the rub coming off. I'm thinking ditch the miracle blades and get a sharp knife possibly?
  4. caveman

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    When I did my first loin, (qview is posted here, check it out dude), I rubbed it with evoo & then rubbed it. When I sliced it, the rub had cooked in so it was not all over the place. But really, the qview will show you.
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    You can spend a day reading all the different posts on pork loin if you search the forum. The loin will stay white (with a wonderful bark and smoke ring). But, it is a very lean piece of meat and is cooked differently than a shoulder. More correctly, it has to be watched more closely to prevent drying out.

    Any sharp knife will work well for cutting the loin. Some like using an electric knife. I used to use an Uncle Henry filet knife. Now, I have purchased a few knives on sale at my local restaurant supply house. They are high quality with indestructible nylon handles.

    Caveman reffered to his loin smoke above. It looked excellent! Check it out here:


    You can also look at the "pork-u-pine" thread in my signature line. Follow the cooking directions and exclude the hot link portion of the recipe. Doing it this way will ensure a moist cut of meat. It will also produce less bark (which is my preference for the cut).

    We look forward to your attempt--complete with q-view. [​IMG]

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