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Discussion in 'Pork' started by reflect, May 1, 2007.

  1. reflect

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    My wife, being the nice wife she is, saw a sale on ribs and picked up a few racks. They are pork loin back ribs. I can't say I have run into these. Are thy as good as BB ribs? Longer slower cook? Or just go by the normal of the meat pulling back?

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  2. kueh

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    The back rib and the side rib are actually the same bone. The back rib is the part connected to the spine / backbone. The side rib is the part connected to the breastbone and over the belly section of the pig.

    Some say the back rib is more tender and meaty than the side rib. Unless you have a butcher who does special orders, packing house side and back ribs are generally the same as to meatiness.

    Generally, they are cooked in similar fashion. It comes down to preference. I prefer to chew my ribs a bit rather than sucking the meat off the bone. If the bone come out clean, it's over done to me.

    As to BBQ ribs, I'm not familiar with which rib that name is used. I'm assuming it's a regional distinction. Back ribs are more curved than the side ribs.
  3. deejaydebi

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    I like back ribs best - Don't know why but they are tastier IMHO.
  4. t-bone tim

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    Brian....porkloin back ribs are baby back ribs....when the processing plants bone out porkloins for bnls loins ,this is where we get our beloved back ribs....improperly termed by most people as baby backribs....[​IMG] unless what she bought was what is usually called country style pork ribs ,which would be the rib portion of the loin with the bones split in the center across the loin and then butterflied open ,hope this helps
  5. reflect

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    Thanks all. I had never seen it labeled that way so it threw me a curve.

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  6. msmith

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    I agree with Debi the loin back ribs are the best. There the ones I cook when i'm doing ribs get them at Sam's Club.
  7. cajunsmoker

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    I love the back ribs also. They seem to be less fatty than the spares.
  8. tonto1117

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    Ditto what he said.[​IMG]

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