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Remove the membrane from the back of the rib slab which will expose the meat and allow for better penetration of the rub and smoke. And marinade, if used.



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Jun 3, 2007
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I've seen a ton of questions lately about different pork cuts - most notably ones about the relationship between picnic and butt - so I though I'd post this chart that shows where each come from:


This has probably been posted a bunch in the past, but I hope this helps some folks out with questions...
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say Dutch, the links provided by wavector and yourself deserve to become a STICKY, it's a lot easier than trying to put in in words for a newbie or anyone else. Anywho, thanks for the great links.
Um, Rich-this thread is a sticky.
I do not know if this is a "sticky" but the rubs I use on ribs does not contain salt. I salt right before I place them on the grill/smoker. This seems to keep the salt from drying them out.
Hey Dutch
the you tube videolink was for st louis style ribs...........is there a difference between ST.Louis style and K.C. style?


As with most things Q related there is not a consensus. I have always heard that the difference between the two is KC is squared off on the end of the rack and St. Louis style just tapers down as the bones get smaller. In my mind, they are basically the same damn thing............
k thankx..........
thought i saw another st loius vid. that squared of the end......but not sure.........so many diff. rib styles, like there is ways to cook em

Trim, cook, eat..............who cares what you call them. I think from here on out I will just call them the Walking Dude cut just to add to the confusion.........when asked the difference I will just say that I leave the membrane on every other bone or some nonsense...........
Yeppers, what Fatback Joe said-when you square up the St. Louis style rib by trimming off the point (triangular piece) you then have the Kansas City Style of rib.

If been asked "Do you have to trim the ribs before you smoke 'em. Only if you want too. If presentation is your thing, trim 'em up. When I do trim them, I still smoke the rib tips, point and the skirt. The meat from the point and the skirt gets smoked for 1 1/2 - 2 hours then diced up and put into my Wicked Baked Beans. The tips I usually stash in the fridge and use for an after-work snack.
Will power-lots of will power!!

If I'm not doing beans, then I'll snack on 'em.
What Dutch said... twice.

1. Trim the cartilage crap off for StL style. Go further to trim off the little triangle (no "real" rib bones) off the skinny end for KC style.

2. If ya ain't doin beans, then snack away! The trimmins are done in about 1 to 1.5 hours
Is there any taste difference between picnic and Boston butt? It seems for the most part people who post tend to usually choose the butt.
Yes, the picnic is a muscle group that bears more weight and is worked more, so it's leaner and has a stronger taste than the butt, which is fattier and more tender with a milder flavor because it is part of structure but not directly to weight-bearing/motor functions.
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