Pork for Thanksgiving???

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Smoke Blower
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Jul 9, 2005
Yes, we look for any excuse to roast either a whole hog or shoulders (picnics). Traditionally, we (puertoricans, cubans, etc) do it on "Noche Buena" (transl. Christmas Eve). This Thanksgiving however, my wife's family will be coming to visit - her cousin, husband and kids who are an absolute joy and a real hoot along with some other family members (sans mother in law....yippee!) We will have the traditional oven roasted Turkey on Thanksgiving Day, but then on Saturday, I will be roasting two 19 lb pork picnics that we picked up at the meat market yesterday.

I will set up a makeshift roaster using the side panels of an old smoker that I took apart. They will rest on the floor to burn the coals on. You can also use a sheet of aluminum or whatever, but NOTHING GALVANIZED. Then I stack cement blocks around, forming a rectangular perimeter - stacked about 3 to 4 high and then leaving a small opening somewhere to allow me access to add more coals and wood with a shovel during the roasting process. The inside of the blocks are then lined with heavy duty aluminum foil. Then form a pile of coals and wood, light it, and when they are ready, spread them with a shovel to form a "ring" around the inside for indirect cooking. I have 2 large oven racks that I place on top of the cement blocks, place the pork on top of the racks and then cover everything with foil, using rocks on the edges to keep the foil from blowing away. Then you guys know the rest....roast low and slow and enjoy snacks, beverages, football throughout the day. The meat gets turned every 20 min or so and coals/wood are added about every hour or so. Check out some pics to give you an idea of how this set up will look like. Mouth is watering already......

Hey prpl,

I've cooked pigs and whole hams like this before. If you fill your blocks with dirt or sand or something it will hold your heat better and you won't use as much wood.
Sam, I've seen this technique used with some amazing results. Best of luck on your efforts.
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