pork cushion meat?

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Nov 21, 2006
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anyone ever hear of it? my local mexican grocery store (caters more towards hispanic customers) has it for $1.09/lb. the picture in the ad looks like a boston butt. i need to go tomorrow and look at it.
Can't find a difinitive description but it is listed as "Pork Shoulder Picnic Cushion". From the picture I found online, it looked like a bone in picnic shoulder cut.
i know plenty of.. oops n/m wouldn't that be a butt ? orare they stuffing upholstery w/ pork nowdays ?
Check out this link. http://www.uspork.org/buyersguide/shoulder2250.html

From what I could gather, folks have smoked this to slice but had trouble taking it to a high enough temperature to pull. I found directions for cooking that stated to foil it and cook it in a 270 degree oven for 8 hours. Seems to be a crock pot meat? At such a cheap price, wouldn't hurt to experiment with it.
thanks for the link. i will check it out (the meat) tomorrow. that is a good link, lots of info.
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