Pork Crown Roast (with pics)

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Jul 4, 2006
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Well gang this is the weekend that we try the Pork Crown Roast. The whole famn damily is arriving Friday night. My brother and sister in-laws, their son and daughter in law with their new baby, another nephew, my daughter home from college, oh yeah also my youngest daughter and her boy friend, me and the wifey ---- whew.

Friday afternoon - picked up the crown pork roast from the butcher, what a magnificent piece of meat. Beautiful pork loins with ribs attached
. Mixed a batch of Tulsa Jeff's rub. No cayene though my sister-in-law is alergic, but still an excellent rub. Tight wrap of Saran and into the fridge for the night. TIme for a beer and wait for the hordes to arrive.

Saturday Morning - what a miserable day, raining so hard you can hardly see and about 45F. Oh well could be worse, at least it isn't snowing. Wife wants to eat around 6:30 so I figure 7-8 lbs of pork, I'm hoping around 7 hours (but I do tell her that Q is done when its done!!!). 9:30AM - roast is out of the fridge to come up to room temp. 10AM - fire up the GOSM to get it up to temp, start getting my mixture of cherry and apple wood chunks ready to go. 10:30AM - we have a constant 225 temp and a nice thin blue smoke, its time to get this party going. Great !!!! Both of my probes have packed it in, guess I'm going to find out how much I've learned on this forum, going to have to do this by eye and by feel. Meat is on the middle rack, water pan is full, spray bottle (with mix of apple juice and Jack Daniels) is ready to go. IS IT TOO EARLY FOR A BEER? .... naaah.
After the first couple of hours I start an hourly baste with the spray bottle.

Saturday afternoon - we are 5 hours into the smoke and thngs are looking GREAT. Starting to get a nice bark. 4:30PM - we are getting close, remember I have no temp reading, but meat is starting to pull back from the bones and loins are starting to get fork tender. I am not going to pull this but rather carve into chops so I don't want the fork to twist toooo easily. I let my wife know that we are getting close so she can probably start thinking about the garlic mashed taters and the veggies. 5:30PM - fork twist is fairly easy but can't quite do a full 180 turn - perfect. WE ARE DONE!!!! Roast comes off, gets a good basting of glaze (brown sugar, mustard and apple vinegar), and a foill wrap to rest before carving.
9:00PM - Family is still raving about how great the meat was. The rub was perfect, the smoke was right on, the pork was juicy and moist ..... What a great day




That crown roast looks good enough to eat! You did a fine job "winging it" without the thermometers. I like the apple juice & Jack spray! Good story, good pics.
Awesome....Totally Awesome. Thank you for posting. As for "winging it", you have done a fantastic job. I highly commend you for your talent.
Keep Smokin'
Absolutly beautiful
A real work of art.

edit - and by the way it's never too early for a beer for medicinal purposes.
Outstanding Dionysus!!!! I think you have just solved the "what's for Easter dinner" question for me. Thank You!!!!!!
Ron, that looks incredible
! Keep up the good work and may I reccomend buying some pants with an elastic waist
. If you keep this up they may come in handy ( ask me how I know
). Great pics and thanks for sharing! Daun
Hi there Dionysus, did you ever discover what temp you pulled it off at?? Also what were the ratio's of the brown sugar, mustard and apple vinegar glaze. Really looking foward to trying this for Easter!!!
Dionysus -

I have yet to find one of these ... It looks really great, is it some kind of porkchop roast? Those slices look like pork chops.
Debi, a Crown Roast of Pork is one of those things you have to ask a Butcher for. I have tied a few of them (not really hard just time consuming) but they do look mighty impressive.

Ron, you have out done yourself on this one my friend!! Great- nope-wrong word-FANDAMNTASTIC job there!!
No I never did find out the exact temp, but being pork I would probably take it off at around 165 - 170, then wrap in foil and let rest for about a half hour. The temp will still rise a little bit but the meat will still be pretty juicy. The finishing sauce I used was:

[font=&quot]¼[/font][font=&quot] cup apple cider vinegar[/font]
[font=&quot]¼[/font][font=&quot] cup mustard [/font]
[font=&quot]½[/font][font=&quot](at least) cup brown sugar [/font]
Thank you much Ron, I am going to call the butcher this week and put my order in for Easter. Really looking foward to this. Thanks Again
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