Pork Crown Roast Help...

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Nov 17, 2006
Columbia SC
I think I'm going to smoke a crown roast this weekend. Not too familiar with them. Ideally I'd like pulled pork, is this cut appropriate? (I happen to have one in the freezer is why I ask). If it's more of a sliced chop type of meat, how should I cook it. Any suggestions, rubs, finishing sauces, hints, etc... welcomed! It's about 5 pounds I think.
Payson, any type of pork loin roast will be pricy. Crown Roasts (pork or lamb) are tied that way for the presentation (WOW) factor. Also with less fat in the loin, you would end up with a dried out piece of pork that will be hard to pull. Stick with any of the pork shoulder cuts that will stand up (and have the fat content) to the Low and Slow of 'quing. Pork butts or pork picnics are the way to go and either one will make some great pulled pork sammies. Watch the meat sales at your local grocery store and you can pick up some excellent shoulder roasts for less that $2.00 a pound vs. the $7.00 or 8.00 a pound for Crown Roasts.
Thanks Dutch and Tonto! Looks like I would have had a dried out mess without your help! So, if I cook the crown roast to about 155 it should be nice and tender. I then slice it to serve it? (I've got one on hand is the reason I'm wanting to cook it this weekend.) Since the rib is attached, what about something along the lines of the 3-2-1 method?
155* sounds perfect. I just put a little evoo and mustard slather on mine, then the rub. Let the roast come up to room temp a bit before you put it in the smoker and place the thermometer in the bottom loin section away from a bone. I also sprayed it with apple juice and pinapple juice mix after a couple of hours once the rub was set. Just when I opened the smoker door to add more wood or water.Then slice and enjoy!!! I don't see a benifit in using the 3-2-1 method with this roast as most of the rib meat is not exposed, maybe someone else can chime in with their thoughts on that.

Good Luck, and if you can remember we love pics!!!
Forgot to mention that I did foil the roast when it was done and put in a cooler for about 45min, while I got the rest of the meal prepared!!

Either way, you should let it rest for at least 20-30min before slicing.
When I have done crown roasts in the past. I just rub with salt pepper and garlic. cook at about 300 for roughly 15 mins a pound unstuffed 20 mins a pound stuffed. about 15 mins b4 it is done i baste with a honey dijon sauce. hope this helps good luck with your crown.

1/2 c honey
1/2 c dijon
1 T rosemarry
mix about 2 hours b4 you need it so the rosemarry has a chance to meld.
Thanks! My wife loves rosemary and we have a gigantic bush of it right outside our back door.... I think I'll give your sauce a go!
When a Crown Roast is prepared right, the meat and fat on and between the rib bones should be removed (frenched). If the roast is done in an oven, this will prevent the meat from charring. Another trick is to wrap the bones in foil to keep the bones white. Since your smoking this roast, it's your call, payson- Let us know how it turns out.
It sure turned out well! Tender and delicious!
Thanks for all of the help!


Congrats!! Looks delicious Payson, very nice. After seeing your picks I sure am glad that I vacum packed a few down and froze them!
That's where this one came from! saw them dirt cheap a few weeks ago and stocked up! I think this particular one (about 3.5#) was around $6.50!!
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