Pork butts from this last weekend

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Feb 6, 2006

Posted under smokers but thought a cross post was OK in the Pork sub forum. I got a new to me/used large egg this weekend. Following is my first attempt. Everything came out great. I also have a bunch of notes for next smoke on how to do it even better.

Take care,

Darn good bark on those Butts!!

You are proof that the EGG can do a fantastic job of smoking.....
Thanks all, I appreciate it!!!

I brought a few pounds in with me today at work. I cheated and nuked it on defrost. I then brought the bowl and a bag of buns over to our work area. It was gone in seconds with a lot of late comers that had long faces on the news of no more ;).

Take care,

Heck Deb i got scared, thought I was going to get jumped. Now today a few people hit me up to do a department community "lunch". They would bring the sides and also pay for the pork. I just have to smoke it. Told them next month as I am working toooo much OT the next few weeks.

It was a good feeling.

Take care,

Great job Brian. That pork looks good, the fattie too!

I did the same thing today, brought in the leftover pulled pork, turkey and sides. Nothing to take home except the containers!
Yeah I hear ya Brian. I keep the boys away from my lunch by bring a bi-monthly smoked meat to work. Monday I'm bringing in 2 Pastramis. Got em brining now. I'll rub em and wrap em tomorrow and smoke them Saturaday. That'll keep them under control for another few months! LOL
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